1997 Link E3 Statue, SMB3 Walkie Talkies, NeoGeo Watch Selection and More!

We have a great line up of rare video game auctions to show you today! If you’re already getting excited just by reading the post’s title well you haven’t seen anything yet! The first auction I want to showcase is this ultra rare The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time E3 1997 Link Statue! I believe we’ve only showcased one other Link E3 statue on VGA which goes to show you how rare this is. Although you might disagree with me, the current price is very fair considering how rare these are.

I was actually curious if we added the last E3 Link statue to our VGA Hall of Fame Section, but after quickly going through the listings I was surprised that I couldn’t find it. Perhaps I have it saved somewhere else so I can’t tell you exactly how much it sold for, but I believe it was around the $450-$500 mark (don’t quote me 🙂 ). These statues were sold at E3 in 1997. They stand around 16 inches tall which is huge! Here’s a better view of what the statue looks like:

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time statue E3 1997

Other Video Game Auctions:

Factory SEALED Castlevania Symphony of the Night Playstation – I remember these use to fetch in the high hundreds, sometimes in the thousands. Guess demand has dropped. Still a nice sealed game to own. One of the best 2D games IMO.
Legend Of Zelda Triforce Board Game NEW Japanese – There’s a video of this board game from someone over at VideoGameMM but I couldn’t find it. Basically the board game is quite small so don’t be fooled by the pics. It’s still a nice item to have if you’re really into A Link to the Past. There’s a best-offer option in case you’re interested.
BANJO KAZOOIE Plastic Nintendo 64 Case – Remember the times when you would go to rent an N64 game and some of the plastic cases had cool designs or art on it? Well here’s one for Banjo Kazooie! I remember they were always colored in red which is rather strange.Neat item.
Super mario Dot Cushion for Club Nintendo Platinum member – I’m pretty sure you can find this for cheaper. But in any case this is a newely admitted item for Club Nintendo Platinum members. I’m definitely on the look out to buy one for myself.
Magnavox Odyssey 1970’s Games – Seller says: This is a box of six (6) Vintage Odyssey Games made by Magnavox. I do not have the system on which to play them, but have seen the systems listed on eBay. Happened to find these stored in a closet in my home. I know I’ve had them since the 1970’s.”. You get:
1. Basketball 7123
2. Brain Wave 7176
3. W.I.N. 7302
4. Wipeout 1TL800
5. Volleyball 1TL702
6. Interplanetary Voyage 7175

Karaoke Studio 1987 Bandai NES FC FAMICOM – Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A karaoke game for the Famicom! Imagine how cool this was back in the day! Seller says he tested it and it’s working so this is something that could be of interest for the Famicom collector.
Duke Nukem Lot – You have just about everything for Duke Nukem in one auction. I’m not sure about the demand for DK nowadays. I mean ever since the disappointment of DK forever, it’s just never been the same. The passion for this game has gone down the tubes. I do have great memories playing the original Duke Nukem, but for some reason I don’t have the urge to collect anything for it. The price isn’t too bad as you’ll probably pay more than that buying every item individually.
Resident Evil Official Bloody Jeans – Now I’ve seen this a while back and I just thought how ridiculous it would look to wear bloody jeans, especially with “Biohazard” written on it (since this is coming from Japan). But even if it said Resident Evil, not many people where I live would catch on. You’d get a lot of looks for sure, but all for the wrong reasons.
12 Foot Inflatable Mario – I honestly don’t know much about this. I don’t know if this was custom made, or some third party company wanted to produce party kits and thought that a 12 foot Mario would do good, but I have to admit this would be so cool to own. Only problem is I don’t live in a mansion that can support a 12 foot blow up Mario. Price isn’t bad though for what you’re getting. $525 or best offer.
Gargoyle’s Quest II – For some reason, this game is hardly seen complete. This is the only auction that has the book (no manual). So if you are missing this game complete here’s a good starting point. I’m sure the manual pops up on eBay every so often.
NINTENDO SIGNBOARD – These were only distributed to official Nintendo Shops in Japan. I actually have one of these museum-worthy signs. It says “Nintendo Entertainment”. A GREAT item to have if you’re a lover of Nintendo (who isn’t?). The price is actually great compared to the other Japanese seller’s selling it for $1k+. There’s a best offer on it as well. Try bargaining with the seller. A true conversational piece!
Super Mario Bros 3 Walkie Talkies – Dates back to 1989/1990. Comes complete with box. Seller says: “Nintendo Super Mario 3 Walkie Talkie Set. Very clean pieces as shown! Battery compartment mint! These were never used and it shows!”.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Walkie Talkie

Neo Geo Watch Selection SNK JPN
Donkey kong country t-shirt
Atari Jaguar Clock PCB Clock
Mega Man 9 Press Kit
Wayfar MidiNES Nintendo Entertainment System MIDI Synthesizer Cartridge
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princes Wii 3D standee
Starfox McCloud Collectable Figure

Good luck!

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1997 Link E3 Statue, SMB3 Walkie Talkies, NeoGeo Watch Selection and More!

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