The Legend of Zelda from around the World

Yesterday at my work I had a conversation with two buddies of mine which ironically gave me the idea for my post today. For some reason the question “Do you like God of War games?” came out. One of them said he owns all 3 GOW games and is considered one of his favorite games of all time. The other said he didn’t enjoy the game and that he found some of the levels dragged on too long. I also asked what they thought about The Legend of Zelda and both instantly said they loved the games!

Now I don’t know about you…..but I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t like the LOZ franchise. Of course other factors such as demographics and location can be taken in place but I basically ask “gamers” this sort of question.

Is it the little guy in green that we all came to love? Or perhaps it has something to do with Zelda(even Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda!)? For me, it was always the magic behind playing the games. The fantasy world brought fourth was always fascinating and everything seemed to “fit into” the game from enemies to villages, dark world, puzzles, bosses, items, etc… Well, I decided to do a world tour for Zelda items; some rare, some common. Let’s see what I found:

eBay France:

Legend of Zelda – Spirit Track Promos – Not sure if these were only exclusive in France(they are “VERSION FRANCAISE)”

NES version of Link – I believe this is official…

eBay UK:

The Legend of Zelda Ganondorf inflatable promo (New) – Only 0.50 GPB starting bid!

LOZ Ocarina of Time “MANGA” Poster

Link Stained Glass Custom Picture – You can always appreciate art

eBay Germany:

Not much in Germany…

Legend Of Zelda II Original Pin

eBay US:

LOZ Link Pin

Nintendo Zelda Links Pin Rare Original Vintage Mint – eBay seller thethingsifind is always a favorite in the VG community. He has this rare LOZ pin starting at $0.99!

eBay/Yahoo Japan:

Surprisingly not much on Yahoo Japan….

Link and Zelda Bitmap Panel Model Set – I don’t see many of these surface nowadays…

Minish Cap 3 Pin Set!

Cartoon Link Writing Pin

Link to the Past Board GameLink to the Past Board Game

Now this last item from Yahoo Japan is very rare. However, there has been a few instances where this board game was selling for $50 on Yahoo but in better condition than this. I am assuming the seller ran out of his stock and most likely the only time you will see this, it will be expensive like this auction for 15,000 YEN. I believe this is the only Link to the Past Board Game every produced. Year of production is 1992. This board game is unusually small so don’t be fooled by the close up pictures. Too bad the box is beat up 🙁

Link for The Legend of Zelda – Link to the Past Board Game

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The Legend of Zelda from around the World

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