1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge NES

Today we have a special item. If you look into the handbook of “Rare Video Games” you’ll definitely see this cart in the top 3. eBay seller happycstar has up a very rare Nintendo Campus Challenge cart from 1991.

Nintendo Campus Challenge

Now there will be folks who know a lot about this cart and it’s history, and there will be the ones who only heard about it briefly.

Nintendo had great success with the 1990 Nintendo World Championships. Despite the hype in Nintendo Power dragging up till the first opening days of the tournament, there was plenty of other advertisements at all NWC locations(posters, banners, etc…) for people to draw awareness. Millions of people in North America and around the world knew of this tournament; heck, even Hollywood got in on this with it’s production of “The Wizard”.

So what do you think happened? Another tourney arose in the year after. In 1991 Nintendo announced it’s “Nintendo Campus Challenge” in which the video game tourney would be scattered across the U.S.A. The tourney was also held in Canada and in Europe. Approximately 58 locations held this tournament; colleges and spring break locations. The official list can be found here.

The rules to the tournament:

1st Game: Super Mario Bros. 3: Collect 25 coins

2nd Game: Pin*Bot: Achieve 100,000 Pts

3rd Game: Dr.Mario: Get as many points until the buzzer sounds.

History of cart?

I wonder how this cart was found? Many rare video game titles and exclusive carts such as these are said to be found at garage sales or flea markets. Maybe it was found at this booth below??

Flea Market

Imagine the look on your face to stumble upon a holy grail such as this at some garage sale where the asking price is $5? 🙂

If you are interested in seeing this auction, check it out here!!

Nintendo Campus Challenge Official 2009 Release Pre-order

Nintendo Campus Challenge Reproduction Cart

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 video game for the original Nintendo video game system. This game is brand new, sealed and never opened. It was part of the original release and was purchased as a pre-order. It is number 3 which I believe was the lowest number that was available for purchase.

If you are not willing to pay much for this cart and want to enjoy what the cart has to offer, you can purchase one on eBay for $299.99. Find the Reproduction Cart Here here.

Now with all that said, how did this Nintendo Campus Cart really find it’s way on eBay? Instead of speculating, I emailed the seller of this cart and asked if he would be able to answer some questions I had for him.

Like a true gentleman, happycstar wrote back and answered all my questions! If you are a serious buyer I hope these answer your questions :). Enjoy!

1). If you don’t mind at all, could you tell us how you acquired this cartridge in the past?

I won this cartridge in the auction done by jjgames last year. My apologies for not having a more interesting story 🙂

2). What were your intentions for purchasing it?

I am a collector of video games and hope that this could become one of my life-time pursuit. Besides being a one-of-a-kind item, my original intention in purchasing it is that I want to own a part of video game history.

3). Did you do anything extrodinary with the cart such as hold you “own” Unofficial Nintendo Campus tournaments?

As a matter of fact, I didn’t do anything interesting with the cart as I was afraid to break it or something. Besides, none of my friends are too into video games. I am the odd one out among my friends 😛

4). How was the cart protected during the ownership?

It is sealed in an anti-static bag and placed in my safe deposit box at my bank.

5). Was there any problems during the transaction process with the sellers? Did other bidders contact you(if ebay privacy wasn’t implemented yet during the time of auction)after the sale?

There was no problem with the transaction when I bought the cart but I had to make several payments through paypal because I was not able to make a one-time payment with the big amount. The cart was shipped to me by express mail. In fact, I was not around when the cart reached my place. I was away in another country and I just had to trust that the seller did indeed send it to me.

6). Do you have any other rare video games you plan on selling in the future?

This is probably the crown of my collection. I have some graded video games and rare sealed games but I don’t intend to sell them atm.

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1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge NES

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