Legend of Zelda Collectibles – Beautiful items, bad Prices!

Who doesn’t like Link? One of the biggest iconic charaters in gaming history Legend of Zelda collectibles always attract buyers to it’s auctions. My favorite Zelda game is Legend of Zelda “A link to the past”. Hard to say what comes second. It’s easy to say Ocarina of time or the Zelda’s on the NES but I could argue that “Link’s Awakening” is second best in the series given it’s story line and that it had a “Link to the past” flavor to it. The debate can go on and if you want to give me a piece of your mind just click the contact page and send me an email 🙂

The Legend of Zelda Watchlist: Watch out for the rip offs which I will mention hehe

This is a really nice life size statue of Link. It’s impressive as the seller has different angles of pics. The only thing is the price tag. We can all name a price(it’s buy it now for 2k). I’d be willing to pay 700 plus shipping. How much would you pay? Leave a comment life size Link Legend of Zelda Nintendo LoZ lifesize

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina GORON DOLL JAPAN NINTENDO. Great Goron Plush but a tad on the expensive side. It fetches anywhere from 30-50 on Yahoo Japan Auction. $145 buy it now.

1998 Zelda Ocarina of Time Action Figures. I really like these figures, unfortunately they are expensive for the shape it is in. If it was in impeccable shape I would say $80 tops for this but the shape it’s in I would pay no more than $30.

Valiant: Legend of Zelda 1 CGC 9.8 w pre-hero 1990. Super cool, I’ve posted this before but it’s a tad expensive. Save a search for Legend of Zelda comic and your bound to win one on auction.

GAMEBOY Color Japan “Legend Of Zelda Dream Island DX”. Reason I’m listing this is the artwork on the box, I just love it. I’d like to get an artist to paint this on canvas. Obviously 100 bucks is ridiculous as they sell or less than 3 bucks on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Zelda Box – Nintendo Famitsu GameCube Windwaker Rare. $1000?? This is pathetic. I can understand if the seller got this for 2500 YEN(25-30 bucks) but it was so rare few were ever around and he listed it at that price but these are common, you even have them on eBay for 100 bucks(and that too is a rip off). Find a Yahoo Japan service for your country(third party) and buy one for 25 bucks on Yahoo Auctions.

GAME BOY ADVANCE SP SYSTEM /CONSOLE ZELDA / MINISH CAP. This is a great collectible. I’ve seen these sell brand new for over $600, but it’s hard to find one genuinely new. For a second hand one it should’nt be worth more than $125 complete. This copy is expensive.

Zelda’s Adventure Philips CDi Rare Nintendo Zelda CD-i. If you wait you can win this on auction for $100 or less, don’t be a fool and pay more!

Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past SNES New Sealed Orig. Alright price, some corners are coming out but for $349 it’s not too bad. I’d try and bargain.

Zelda Twilight Princess Gold Statue 3 LEFT NEW AND RARE. Decent price, but 6 offers rejected. Hmm…

Epoch THE LEGEND OF ZELDA N64 Majora’s Mask GORON LINK. This Goron figure is nice but has been whored around by seller’s who contain the knowledge of it’s rarity. I’ve seen and entire Majora’s Mask set sealed on eBay last year. I was VERY tempted to buy it. Must have been sold. This is OVER-PRICED, it doesn’t hold it’s value, but still a nice piece ;). Wait for it to be on auction, save a search.

SUPERB Boxed Nintendo Handheld Game & Watch ZELDA. I always liked this handheld, unfortunately it’s too high to buy on eBay. I can try and win one of Yahoo Auction for 10000 YEN.

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (CD-i). These sell for $50 on auction. Want to get ripped off? Buy this for 200 bucks.

Valiant: Legend of Zelda 4 CGC 9.8 w pre-hero 1990. Another great comic, love the art work of Zelda in action. Just too expensive.

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  1. I can actually say I’m jealous of the seller with the 4 Zelda statues! Grrr….

    I need to get me one of those. I see it happening very soon; the last bit of statues are available now on eBay, but once they are gone you’ll need to pay $800 just to get one.


Legend of Zelda Collectibles – Beautiful items, bad Prices!

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