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Cosplay, for those who may not know, is where people dress up as their favorite fictional characters. It’s something only the brave and passionate fans can do, but I have to say… If you’re going to do it; do it right. The more accurate the design and the better quality of the material is the key to having the best costume. I have found an eBay store which sells costumes, weapons, and accessories of the highest quality. Seriously, this stuff is amazing and it has all been custom made. They even take commission jobs for any item you can think of!

Ninety-Nine Nights – Full Suit of Armor

I haven’t played this game so I can’t say much about the character, but the accuracy of the armor design is dead-on %100. When you go all-out like this in terms of quality for cosplay at a convention, expect a ton of people wanting to take your picture lol. There are currently two sets available here on eBay.

Lineage II – Sword & Scepter

Lineage II is a MMO with unique stylized graphics. I’ve heard the game is crazy difficult because of it’s player vs. player side, so I’ve stayed clear of it so far. Still, I find myself wanting to try it. Check out this sword that has been worked to the finest detail…

If that’s not enough for you, check out this scepter! Keep in mind that these are cosplay props and are 1:1 scale and that puts the sword over 4 feet and the scepter around 5 feet long!

Click here for the sword. There are two available at this time. The scepter can also be found here on eBay.

Devil May Cry – Dante’s Sword (Awakened Version)

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this sword being 1:1 scale is actully 55″ long! it’s made out of fiberglass so that you don’t get exhausted by carrying it around all day at a convention. Click here to get one for cosplay or just to display! There are more then ten available.

Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning’s Gunblade

This brilliantly designed gunblade can be taken apart so that it can be carried in a leather holster (the gunblade in the game actually folds closed, but there are no moving parts on this version). Once assembled, it measures at 47″ long. Click here to get one of you own! There are currently more than ten available.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core – Zack’s Shoulder Armor

This bit of armor is instantly recognized as being “SOLDIER” armor from Final Fantasy VII. Ever since the cover of the original game that shows Cloud’s left shoulder covered in this rounded shoulder plate, it’s become iconic to the series. There are four sets available here on eBay.

Kingdom Hearts – Key Blades

These are awesome because each design is so different and creative. I would love to collect all four of them, but that would be quite a bit of money to spend all at once maybe lol. Each are 37″ long and masterfully painted.

All of these great items and much much more can be found here at 0404 Cosplay Plaza!

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0404 Cosplay Plaza – Weapons & Armor

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