No Reserve eBay Auctions – Pac-Man, Mario, Final Fantasy, and More…

Something interesting about eBay is that no matter what the final bid is on an auction (auctions that has no reserve), you get it for that price! You may wonder why people would put up an item for 99 cents with no reserve when the item is clearly worth a lot more… Well, the idea is to attract people to bid and watch the item so that bidder competition fuels the rise in bids. This two edged tactic can lead to high profits for the seller, but also leaves open a door for bidders to get a great deal if few people are bidding.

The items listed have no reserve and (at the time of this posting) are all less then $10!

13″ Plush Pac-Man – This classic winking plush of Pac-Man still has it’s tag attached. A great gaming room item.

Game & Watch Ball – This was never for sale. It’s a Club Nintendo member reward item! I used to play this when I was a kid and I played it a lot. It’s great high score fun.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack – Here’s the complete 2 disc soundtrack to Super Mario Galaxy 2. This too was a Club Nintendo member reward item. I haven’t played this game yet, but I have it waiting on my shelf. If the music in this one is as good as the first game, this is a must have for soundtrack fans.

Dragon Quest T-Shirt (Comic-Con 2010) – This item was listed on VGA while Comic-Con was happening. The image of a slime is classic Dragon Quest style.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Promo Pin (The Yukes) – This promo pin is still in it’s original package!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Promo Pin (The Clavats) – Another Crystal Chronicles pin, but this one has been separated from it’s original package. Still, I know some pin collectors like to pin them to a sheet covering a wall. In that case, this is still a great find.

Game & Watch Fridge Magnet Collection – This is a set of 6 fridge magnets featuring 6 different Game & Watch titles!

Rockman (Mega Man) Fridge Magnet Collection – Another set of 6 magnets; this one is in the form of the Famicom cartridges of the first six Rockman games (Rockman is what Mega Man is called in Japan). It’s important to note that this set covers every Rockman title for the Famicom too.

Splatterhouse T-Shirt & Signed Poster – Items related to the new Splatterhouse game that is coming out soon. Along with a t-shirt, you get a poster signed by Dave Wilkins (concept artist for the game and also well known comic artist).

Pac-Man Lanyard (Comic-Con 2010) – It’s rumored that no more then 200 of these were handed out at this year’s Comic-Con and were a hot item on the floor during the convention.

Donkey Kong Patch – This patch is dated 1982 which makes me wonder if it actually is 28 years old… Donkey Kong was released in 1981, so it’s very possible…

Square Enix Catalog (E3 2005) – Here’s Square-Enix’s catalog from E3 2005. These would have been available at their booth to detail that year’s announcements.

Square Enix Catalog (E3 2009) – Another E3 catalog from Square-Enix. This one is from 2009.

Super Mario Bros. Comic (Issue #1) – I did some research into the value of this comic and found that it’s worth basically as much as it’s selling for on eBay. But, to Nintendo fans (rather than Comic collectors), I believe it’s worth more.

Mario Figure (Mario Kart) – This figure isn’t sealed, but it’s still cool if you don’t already have one.

Resident Evil Degeneration Limited Cell – After looking around the Internet for some time trying to figure out how limited this is, I found 2 conflicting stories. One possibility is that it’s limited to 200 from a DVD dealer in the US. Another possibility is that it was packaged with all Special Edition DVDs in Australia. Whichever happens to be the true origin, it’s still a cool item.

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No Reserve eBay Auctions – Pac-Man, Mario, Final Fantasy, and More…

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