Some of the Rarest Games in the World

These games being listed today are among the rarest in the world. It’s very hard to find some of these and nearly impossible to find sealed or complete. There’s a story behind each of them, but what makes a game rare in most cases is that it was released in low quantity due to financial concerns or it was canceled / recalled. This list is not to be taken as the “rarest of the rare” by any means. There are more valuable games out there in the world that are simply not being sold. Rarity of vintage games is also put to debate; this I understand. If any readers have more information on these games, please feel free to post a comment!

Stadium Events (SEALED) – This game is world famous for it’s rarity. I’ve actually heard it’s name mentioned on the radio when two people were talking about how video games are not “toys” anymore lol. This copy is sealed… Keep in mind that this title demands massive cash with just the cartridge! This is not only complete with manual and box, but also factory sealed. It honestly makes me dizzy.

Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge – This cartridge was produced to show off Donkey Kong Country in Block Buster outlets across North America. There were not that many in participation because the cartridge wasn’t produced in a quantity that could supply them all. This combined with not being a retail game makes it quite rare. It’s Nintendo history folks (and the price confirms it). This copy comes with something I haven’t seen before; the Block Buster box for the game!

Panzer Dragoon Saga – I love the value of this game. Want to know why? Well, the game was released at about 6,000 in North America at first and then a couple times more later on which left it around 30,000 (I could be wrong on this). BUT! There’s another reason why this game is so valuable. Is it a misprint? a recall? a defect? nope… it’s the quality of the game itself! Yes, this game is considered by many as the best game ever made for the Sega Saturn and one of the best games of all time. Now that is awesome. (By the way, this copy is factory sealed!)

Dragon Warrior IV (Complete with Box) – Even though it’s 4th in the series, Dragon Warrior IV was released in an unusually low quantity in North America. I’m not sure why, but this attitude towards RPG sales in the west was very common. Consider that many Final Fantasy games were never even released and Final Fantasy VI (FFIII in NA) was edited to make it easier for North American gamers. That’s a bit off topic but, that’s why this game is rare. This copy is in great condition and is complete with manual, box and map.

Rescue Terra I (with Manual) – Venture Vision had a very short run at producing video games… they made one… this one! lol. This game was released in low quantity because the company was just stepping into the industry. I’ve heard rumors that this game was converted into a Star Trek game. Can anyone confirm this?

Glib (with Manual) – Here’s an interesting story… Once upon a time I was searching the internet for rare games (yesterday) and I came across a cartridge sticker that I instantly recognized! It was Glib for the Atari. This cart was part of the collection of a friend of mine when we were kids and I actually picked it up. Then he told me it was boring so I put it back. To think now that what I held in my hands back then would grow in value by about %90,000…

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  1. The guy selling the Stadium Events sealed….does he really think he’ll get anything close to the asking price? He should let it go at regular auction with a reserve, I think that’s his best bet. The Donkey Kong Competition Cartridge is actually the first Blockbuster competition that was held at certain Blockbuster locations, the second competition was the Sega Genesis Cartridge(Judge dread and NBA Jam)

Some of the Rarest Games in the World

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