Master Chief Store Display, Pokemon World Championship Case, Cheap Game Soundtracks

I found a great deal on Video Game Soundtracks that are ending in about 22 hours. I think this is an excellent opportunity to acquire unique game soundtracks and for $0.99 is not bad at all! But before I go on I want to highlight some other rare auctions:

Halo Statue

Do you remember this Master Chief store display? When I first saw this I tried to do everything to get it! But all I ever got was dirty looks from the manager at the back of the store because he knew I wanted it. Not sure how the policy goes in terms of who gets promotional items like this. If a customer wants it, don’t they always get it? I mean I have friends that worked in Future Shop and Best Buy and they managed to keep any Video Game standee that came out. I guess it’s a tug of war sort of speak.

Seller puts it perfectly: “Xbox Halo 2 Master Chief Store Display – 6 Feet Tall. Perfect for the man cave.

Reserve is not met & it’s local pick-up :(…

Xbox Halo Master Chief Store Display – 6 Feet Tall

Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DS Case

Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DS Case

Pokemon collectors should jump on this. If it’s as rare as I think then it’s one of those type of collectors items that are cheap now, but will be worth something down the road. I’ve also read that only 1000 of these were given out?? Can anyone confirm this? Could also be the seller hyping up this DS case. But the seller of this auction says:

“You are bidding on an exclusive 2010 Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DS Case that was received at the 2010 Pokemon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Competitors received the case as part of their gift package for attending the event. The case was only removed from its original packaging in order to take pictures. The front of the case features the 2010 World Championships logo in the top left corner and as well as various Pokemon dancing in front of a volcano. The DS Case is extremely rare and would certainly make a great addition to anyone’s collection!”

A couple have sold for cheap so far. Interested? 2010 Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DS Case

World of Warcraft Blizzcon 2007 Murloc Suit Loot Card

World of Warcraft Blizzcon 2007 Murloc Suit Loot CardWorld of Warcraft Blizzcon 2007 Murloc Suit Loot Card

Ending in 12hrs is this WOW loot card. Loot Cards are rare cards that were distributed within the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Treasure Packs and/or Booster Packs. Loot Cards are additional versions of rare cards and they each contain a scratch-off code that gives you a cosmetic upgrade for your character in the online World of Warcraft game so they are desirable even among those players who don’t play the trading card game. Some of the most highly sought after Loot Cards were only given to Blizzcon attendees each year. The auction above is for the “Murloc suit” which gives your online character a Murloc costume.

If you are into WOW, you might be interested in this so check out Blizzcon 2007 Murloc Suit

Other Interesting Auctions:
Atari Missile Command Pin Pinback Rare
PlayStation 2 Promotional LOT

$0.99 Video Game Soundtracks Same Seller Save on Shipping!
Konami BEATMANIA Beat Mania Remixes
Capcom CAPTAIN COMMANDO Double CD Soundtrack
SNK Neo Geo FATAL FURY 3 Music Soundtrack
King of Fighters 15th Anniversary Soundtrack
Club Nintendo Touch ! Generation DS Soundtrack CD
Konami Game Music Now 1999 Music – interesting….
SNK Neo Geo WORLD HEROES 2 Music Soundtrack
SEGA ROCK Vol. 2 Soundtrack Music CD ! Japan NEW

Good luck!

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Master Chief Store Display, Pokemon World Championship Case, Cheap Game Soundtracks

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