Video Game Soap, MW2 Countdown Clock, Okami Error and More

There’s a bunch of promotional items I want to share with you, as well as other neat video game auctions. But first up is this really cool Modern Warfare 2 Store Display Countdown Clock!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Count Down Clock

Common…… isn’t this cool?? Just the idea behind it is brilliant and you don’t even have to like this game. I love First Person Shooters(FPS), and I’ve mentioned it many times that COD:MW set the standards for FPS’s. Sure you can have the whole “Halo” debate like I have(billions of times), but I’ve played both games so I’m judging from my experience. The control, the visuals, the graphics, the storyline, the multi-player capabilities, all have been nearly perfected by Infinity Ward. But with the success of Modern Warfare, I.W decided to really put fourth their advertising campaign for #2. They thought of some of the coolest promo items to launch MW2. One of them was this in-store Count Down Clock. The clock still works and can be reset to whatever time you want.

Click here for Modern Warfare 2 Countdown Clock

Red Dead Redemption & Street Fighter IV Soap

Video Game Soap

Video Game Soap

What a great idea this is! Producing soap to market your product! After a long session of playing video games, switching games from one box to another, your hands will get dirty… why not have a Red Dead Redemption Soap Bar or Street Fighter “Fight Club” Style Soap in the washroom? Sounds a little weird? Well I don’t think so, but you can also keep these as collector items :). The SF soap ended with no winners, but you can ask the seller if he still has it!

Street Fighter IV “FIGHT CLUB” Soap Bar

Official Rockstar Red Dead Redemption Eradicator Soap

Okami Wii Game Official Reversible Artwork Covers

Okami Artwork CoversOkami Artwork Covers

Here’s an interesting auction. There was a printing error on the cover of “some” the Okami Wii games(not all). So if you wanted to get the Wii cover with no error you had to go through the Capcom website and fill out an order to retrieve your corrected Okami cover. CCG’s and TCG’s are notorious for this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this with my Star Wars CCG cards 🙂 Seller says:

“Your bidding on two reversible artwork covers for the Wii version of Okami. These were only available from Capcom due to a cover printing error of the Wii version of the game.One side features the normal box art for the Wii version of game the other side has beautiful Okami artwork. These covers have never been used so they are suitable for framing or you can replace your game cover with beautiful art it’s up to you. These make a unique addition to any collection.”

Interesting item to say the least. Click here for Okami Wii Game Official Reversible Artwork Covers Print Error

Other Interesting Auctions:

21 Inch Crash Bandicoot Plush Doll – I love big sized plush’s!
Nights Into Dreams Nightopia Dream Pack – pricy…
Mario Tennis N64 Promo Ball
Call of Duty: MW2 McTavish ArtFX Statue
Fallout New Vegas Drink Coaster Set – cheap
God of war Chains Of Olympus Press Release Edition
Mega Man X Official Pin
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Display – I just added this to my watchlist yesterday and it’s already taken down. It wasn’t sold so you can contact the seller

All the Legend of Zelda Games(minus Zelda’s Adventures)
1.- The Legend of Zelda “NES” (Jun,1987)

“GC” (Nov,2003) “GBA” (Jun,2004 )

2.- Adventure of Link “NES” (Dec,1988)

“GC” (Nov,2003) “GBA” (Oct ,2004)

3.- A Link to the Past “SNES” (Apr,1992)

“GBA” (Dec,2002)

4.- Link’s Awakening “GB” (Aug,1993)

DX “GBC” (Dec,1998)

5.- Ocarina of Time “N64” (Dec,1998)

MQ “GC” (Feb,2003) “GC” (Nov,2003)

6.- Majora’s Mask “N64” (Oct,2000)

“GC” (Nov,2003)

7.- Oracle of Ages “GBC” (May,2001)

8.- Oracle of Seasons “GBC” (May,2001)

9.- Four Swords “GBA” (Dec,2002)

10.- The Wind Waker “GC” (Mar,2003)

11.- Four Sword Adventures “GC” (Jun,2004)

12.- The Minish Cap “GBA” (Jan,2005)

13.- The Twilight Princess “WII” (Nov,2006)

“GC” (Dec,2006)

14.- The Phantom Hourglass “DS” (Oct,2007)

15.-Spirit Tracks “DS” (Dec,2009)

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Video Game Soap, MW2 Countdown Clock, Okami Error and More

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