Video Game Soundtracks OST

This post is dedicated to video game soundtracks worthy of having in your collection or in your car. There are so many great soundtracks and even single tracks it would take 50 volumes(posts) to list each soundtrack. I will start off today and see how much I can fit in this single post. If need be I will continue the next few days with the same theme. So turn on your sound system, pump up the volume and great ready for some great game music.

I have to Start off with a Zelda soundtrack. Sucks that they don’t have “A Link to the Past” soundtrack on eBay or that would have been first but none the less here is the Legend of Zelda Hyrule symphony soundtrack. It’s just beautiful. It’s not the in game music but a orchestral version. There is no “Official Nintendo” version on eBay, only bootlegs but you can’t complain for the price because it’s identical to the original(I have one). Oh don’t go quoting me and say “Oh but Kenji said it was official”, that’s not what I said, I said it’s identical. I’d much prefer the original but for now that will do. LEGEND OF ZELDA Hyrule Symphony OST SOUNDTRACK CD

This is the Secret of Mana on SNES soundtrack. It’s called Seiken Denetsu 2 in Japan. This soundtrack has a lot of great tracks in it. The one selling here is the “Square-enix” version, not the original Squaresoft version. What’s the difference? Nothing… the only difference is that the Squaresoft version was produced during the time Secret of Mana was released, the Square-enix version ran through the factory recently so if you’re a time Nostalgic freak then buy the Squaresoft version. I know I am 😉 Seiken Densetsu 2/Secret of Mana soundtrack CD GENUINE

Great soundtrack. Final Fantasy VII speaks for itself, I don’t need to further explain. Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Digicube JAPANESE

The Xenogears soundtrack is full of up and down emotions. The game was unique in itself, but the music really put it in a different category from the rest. Yasunori Mitsuda composed this, just brilliant. Xenogears CREID – Arranged Soundtrack – DIGICUBE/JAPAN

My favorite soundtrack of all time. What track do I choose? Every song is amazing. Robo’s theme will eliminate my choices. Unfortunately there are no Digicube/Squaresoft versions even though they claim it’s “ORIGINAL” (that pisses me off), I’ve listed a newer but original version of the soundtrack. CHRONO TRIGGER DS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK GAME MUSIC CD NEW

GREAT track. I’ve talked about this soundtrack in a post last week. Halo 2 ost is just amazing. It really puts me in the primal mood. HALO 2 VOL.1 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK OST MUSIC *BRAND NEW

Unreal tournament 3 has a really soundtrack if you’re into hard beats. I enjoyed listening to this soundtrack|(I have it). According to the picture this one is the official EPIC version but I would ask the seller. UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 (OST) – CD BOXSET NEW

The Mega Man games all have good music. Even if you don’t like it at first it will grow on you TRUST ME. This is from Mega Man 2 – Bubble Man’s theme. You can buy the Mega Man 1-6 boxset on ebay here Rockman Mega Man 1-6 NES original soundtrack CD GENUINE

Ico had some good tunes, worth getting in my opinion.

Shadow of the colossus is the kind of music you listen to when you’re stuck in your head, when you want to just sit back and relax. I really enjoyed the game, and the music was part of it. For some people it might not be their thing, it sure is mine.

Buy Ico and Shadow of the colossus here:

Shadow of the Colossus PS2 soundtrack_CD GENUINE


Chrono Cross was also composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Mitsuda had a great talent for background sounds that would hold you into his music. He was initially working at Squaresoft as a “potential” game music composer. After some time frustrations raised through the roof and he dicided to storm to the head of operations, Hironobu Sakaguchi creator of Final Fantasy (Ya I know Yasunori has balls of steelz), and say he quit because he wasn’t being given any projects, at this moment Hironobu assigned Mr.Mitsuda the role of composing the Chrono trigger. There are no originals unfortuantely on ebay 🙁 CHRONO CROSS Game SOUNDTRACK OST 3 CD ~157_9

Final Fantasy VI, my favorite of the Final Fantasy series. The music in this game is the most emotionally driven music made by Nobuo Uematsu, and some might argue, and if you do really compare the feeling and emotions to that of other Final Fantasy games and then come explain your point(Just post below I will listen). I know FF VII, X, IV are up there but this soundtrack is a must for any video game music fan. This is an “Official” Squaresoft version FINAL FANTASY VI 6 ORIGINAL SOUND VERSION SOUNDTRACK CD

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Video Game Soundtracks OST

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