Twin Galaxies Event Poster Autographed by Billy Mitchell & More!

I don’t know how many of you watched “King of Kong” or have heard of the movie, but without giving anything away it’s a documentary film about a rising Donkey Kong star; Steve Wiebe, who is battling legendary gamer Billy Mitchell for number one spot on the leader boards for Donkey Kong. It’s a really well done documentary and ANY video game player can appreciate this film.

Twin Galaxies Poster signed by Billy Mitchell

For those who also never heard of Billy Mitchell, well he’s no one important. You know…he only like got a PERFECT SCORE IN PAC-MAN!! For those who don’t know what that means, Billy Mitchell had to eat every fruit, power pellet, blue ghost, and dot without losing a life. After 6 hours of munching and gobbling, he got a perfect Pac-Man score on the 256th screen.

So, what about this auction I’m showing? Well, if you watched the film you probably know by now who Twin Galaxies are. They are the first official score keeper of video games. You think you can get the world record in any video game, all you need to do is record your game-play with high score, submit it to a referee at Twin Galaxies and next thing you know you’ll be entered into their database! Of course you need to follow their “guidelines” in order to be properly judged.

So this auction I am showing is a Twin Galaxies “Event” poster, and not only that… has Billy Mitchell’s autograph on it. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the autograph of the guy who was named “Video Game Player of the Century” at the Tokyo Game show in 1999? I dunno about you but that’s pretty FREAKIN cool! If this isn’t your thing I can understand that, but as a gamer myself, this is a pretty significant collectors item in the video game world.

Even more interesting, there were only 20 of these posters made for the event. Seller says:

“Never distributed poster from the 2009 Texas Pinball Festival. Only 20 of these were made and given out in the Twin Galaxies area where the Big Buck Safari contests were taking place. Only 16 of the 20 were given to the public.

This is autographed by gaming champion Billy Mitchell, Patrick Scott Patterson of Twin Galaxies, and Craig Hassell, the organizer of the annual North Texas event.”

Interested in this auction? Click here for Twin Galaxies event poster autographed Billy Mitchell

Here’s the famous “because I’m Billy Mitchell” youtube clip 🙂 :

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Rouge The Bat Plush

Twin Galaxies Poster signed by Billy Mitchell

Now after some searching on Sonic Gear’s website, I wasn’t able to retrieve any information to justify the price of this Rouge the Bat Plush. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but a good indicator if something like this is rare is to check if there are any like it on eBay. If there isn’t, then possibly this is a “hard-to-find” Rouge The Bat Plush that everyone is looking to complete their set :). To be honest I am no Sonic expert, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you if “the price is right”, maybe someone can give their input?

However, with that said, I do know the Sonic X Japanese Rouge The Bat Plush goes for a lot and one is on eBay for $210 here!. I still haven’t be able to tell which set the plush in the auction is from. It’s a different style Rouge The Bat Plush(smile is on other side of face, has longer legs, etc..).

Check out Sonic The Hedgehog’s Rouge The Bat Plush

Other Rare Video Game Auctions:

Animal Crossing Plush Dolls – Lot of 6 – $6 starting bid or buy-it-now for $60

Two Small Mario & Luigi Plush Bean Bag Clip-ons – Don’t these look adorable?

Mario Enamel Pin badge 1992 Nintendo Games – Unique pin here. Never seen one like it.

Gears of War 2 – Promotional Store Display

Mario Nintendo GameCube Bobblehead

Good Luck!

Needless to say,

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  1. Many people complain about Billy’s personality because of the movie, but I have to say… I know people of his kind and they just have high or restricted standards to the kind of people they relate to. The people they hang out with is their choice and none of anyone’s business. If you were a friend of Billy Mitchel; you would probably say he’s a cool guy. If you’re not a friend of his… that’s all lol. I would have to say he’s okay in my books.

  2. the rouge the bat plush is 100% fake and fanmade, the seller is crazy and TRYING to trick buyers into thinking it is official by not stating it is handmade.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up Pete! I couldn’t find any info on this RTB plush so I was leaning more towards it being a fake. At least I got confirmation 🙂

Twin Galaxies Event Poster Autographed by Billy Mitchell & More!

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