Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition, Limited Edition Games and More

There’s some hot auctions up for all you Uncharted 2 and Dead Space enthusiasts, but first I want to show this neat Star Fox 64 Nintendo Power trading card set! Anything from Nintendo power mail-in or catalog has got to be cool right?

Ok….so this isn’t the rarest auction I have to show today, but how can you pass off anything that’s SF64? Especially these mail-in cards from Nintendo Power? The seller has all 10 cards to make the set(which is what you ended up getting from Nintendo Power). But, these are not the same cards you would have gotten if you were a subscriber to Nintendo Power back in the day. These cards are different, and come with their own official binder to insert the cards in. How cool is that? Considering that these cards are 13 years old, in great condition, and highly uncommon, I think the price is not so bad. But there is a best-offer option which totally seals the deal for these cards, you really can’t lose. But of course, it depends on how bad you want these cards.

Click here for Star Fox 64 Exclusive Nintendo Power Mail-In Order

Solid Snake Kubrick Limited to 500

I don’t see Kubrick’s talked about on other gaming sites, or thats because I don’t search for them :). I suppose it has to do with their lack of visual appeal also. Perhaps I’m wrong, and most of you are thinking how crazy I am from not seeing the beauty. Yup, I’m blinded by the light. I can’t see how you would want to collect these Kubrick toys. I’d prefer a 1/6 Scale, or 12 inch figure compared to a lego look-a-like of Solid Snake. But of course that’s just me because these STILL sell and are in DEMAND. So Kubrick must be doing something right. But of course if you’re a Metal Gear Solid fan, anything that’s limited edition is worth acquiring, which is the only thing Kubrick does is release limited edition toys, and never re-release them(bet you didn’t know that!).

But what is a Kubrick you might ask? 🙂 I think the better question is “who” is Kubrick. Well you probably heard that name before and you’re right.Kubrick is a Japanese toy producer branched off from the company Medicom.

But what is more interesting is the name. Why would a Japanese company choose this name? Well, they choose the name Kubrick to honor filmmaker “Stanley Kubrick“, you know…the guy who produced Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange? What’s more interesting is the reason why they choose this name. Here is what Wiki says:” By linguistic coincidence, the name Kubrick may also be seen as a hybrid word of the Japanese word kyu, meaning the number nine, and the English word brick. Nine is the number of tools (a toy industry term for parts of a figure) used in a standard Kubrick figure: head, torso, hips, two arms, two hands, and two legs; the English word brick is collector’s jargon for LEGO elements, and refers to the similarity of Kubricks to Lego Minifigures”.

If you check out the logo for Kurick Toys, it’s in the same style as the words “Clockwork Orange” written on the poster and box cover art for the movie. Anyways, I thought this would be cool to know since a lot of you have seen these toys around and probably wondered whats up with them.

Auction found here on eBay

Other Rare Auctions on Ebay

Snatcher Sega Cd Game -Cheapest one on eBay. This is one game I need to get

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition -Highly sought after collectors edition. Everything is new except the game.

Mortal Online Collector’s Edition -There’s only 999 ever made, and this is the only one on eBay….

Fall Out 3 Launch Kit – Cheap!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition – I only see this climbing in price every day. It’s at $1,088 so far. Read the description since the seller regularly updates it.

Unboxing Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition:

Good Luck!

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Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition, Limited Edition Games and More

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