Halloween Horror Spectacular

Halloween here on VGA is already off to a great start with Riku’s post featuring a GoW Lancer replica below… along with some questionable cosplay pictures lol. It’s all in the spirit of Holloween of course. It’s one of those days were reality doesn’t really seem to matter and it’s the last thing on most every one’s mind. This state of mind may seem familiar to some gamers every day of the year! lol (myself included).

Today I will be featuring many great collectibles, rare games, and a bunch of great video content just for fun. The videos I will include were made by Pat the NES Punk and James Rolfe The Angry Video Game Nerd. I would just like to thank them both early on for all they have done in their video reviews. It’s great stuff.

And now, the first auction…

Silent Hill 2 (PC) Signed by Akira Yamaoka

This game is still the scariest thing I have ever experienced. If played in the proper environment (lights off, headphones on, volume up… midnight) the game will scare you so deeply that you may want to turn it off… it depends how much horror you can take. The chilling feel the game creates is partly due to the music which is perfectly subtle. The man behind the music is Akira Yamaoka. This copy of the game has been signed by the man himself. You can find it here on eBay.

Alien vs. Predator Prototype (Gameboy)

Many collectors go after prototypes like gold. They are great because right off you can see that they were made purely for testing the game because it looks hideous! lol. Keep in mind that this game, of course, pre-dates the movie and is inspired by the comic series (I believe). This rare cartridge is up for offers here on eBay.

Biohazard / Resident Evil HUGE Collection!

There are so many items in this lot that it would be crazy to list them all. There are official cosplay items, figures, sealed games, limited collectibles, accessories, etc. It’s amazing to see these items in a single lot because any one of these by themselves would attract a lot of attention on eBay. You could spend all day calculating the total value of the lot. This massive collection can be found here on eBay.

Chiller (NES) Sealed

Here’s an unlicensed NES game factory sealed. This game may be the most violent game available on the NES! It’s a light gun game that basically works like a shooting gallery. This sealed copy is available right now here on eBay. Want to see the game? Well, grab a snack or a beer, here’s a review of Chiller by Pat the NES Punk!


Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Original Manual (Atari 2600)

This game is fairly rare (rated 7 out of 10 in terms of rarity by Atariage.com) but the value of the game goes up by the popularity of the horror movie series. In this game, contrary to most horror games, you play as the villain! If you want to step into the shoes of Leatherface and rip some people up with a chainsaw, you can get the game here on eBay. James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd made a great review of this game… check it out!

Halloween with Original Box and Manual (Atari 2600)

Here it is ladies and gentleman; Halloween itself for the Atari 2600. The game is just as rare as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but there exists a slightly more rare version with an alternate hand-made label. Even then, the game is considered “very rare” rather than “ultra rare” (some Atari games are limited to 10-20 worldwide). It’s still a big deal if added to a horror game collection though. You can grab it now here on eBay.

And now, once again, the Angry Video Game Nerd…

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  1. You’re right Akira about Alien VS Predator originating from the comics, I own them :). Also, horror fans who like video games based on their favorite movie like to have The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game as a collectors item, but believe it or not one sold for $50 last month on regular auction!

Halloween Horror Spectacular

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