Official Nintendo Ocarina & Rare Legend of Zelda Items

I haven’t personally made a Legend of Zelda post in a while and decided that I found a bunch of items to bundle together, all coming from the same seller. I remember Kenji featured an Ocarina before but couldn’t find it on eBay US. Well I found another one of these rare official Link’s Ocarina by Nintendo and it’s up on eBay France.

Ocarina Flute

There are plenty of unofficial ones on eBay right now, but this is the real deal. Although it’s not 100% accurate as to the one in the N64 game, it’s still official! Presented by Famitsu Bros, I believe that these Ocarina’s were available through a mail-in order via their magazine(Famitsu). Maybe it was a contest or something, but it would only make sense since Famitsu played a role in making this Ocarina. It also makes sense since Ocarina of Time is one of the rare games that ever got a perfect raiting in the Famitsu magazine(quite the honor!). There is also rumored to be 1000 of these ever made, but I haven’t seen any official written document with this number on it; seller believes that this number is correct. Perhaps it’s behind the Ocarina, engraved? I wish someone who actually owns this can come and comment here(we still have shy viewers 😉 ).

Ocarina Flute

The craftsmanship of this item is said to be top notch and not some cheaply made ocarina. You can also play the tunes from OOT since this item comes equipped with a notebook. These ocarina’s were available in 1998 and are pretty scarce, especially the fact that they were only available in Japan. If you’re really interested in finding out more information about this ocarina, I believe The Ocarina Network Forum can definitely be your source. Someone there should be knowledgeable about this item.

If you’re interested in this auction, you can find it the Legend of Zelda Official Famitsu Bros. Ocarina here.

The seller has some other rare & interesting Legend of Zelda items. Not too sure about the prices as a brand new OOT collectors edition in N.A is estimated at around $300-$400, and the fact that the PAL version isn’t significantly different in terms of appearance or add-ons, the price should be lower. Maybe times have changed?

Other LOZ Auctions:

Zelda Ocarina of Time Collectors Gold Nintendo 64 PAL -At $1667, you start to wonder. This one is in mint condition though, as apposed to the auction below. Any PAL collectors out there?

Zelda Ocarina of Time+Majora’s Mask Gold Nintendo64 PAL

Box Cards Collection Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64 -I’m very curious how the cards look like inside this box. I’ve seen this box of cards before but forgot how much it sold for.

Telephone Card Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64 1998 – Whats up with telephone cards with game titles on them being so expensive??

Good Luck!

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Official Nintendo Ocarina & Rare Legend of Zelda Items

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