Rare Sonic and Gang Show Frame, Limited Zelda Gameboy and More

eBay seller vigiljeff has been letting go a lot of his Sega collectibles he had collected while working for Sega of America. I have listed many of his items before, most notably the sale of Tom Kalinske (CEO of Sega in the 90’s) personal Sonic Statue which sold for a very decent price. Also congrats to the seller for the sale of his “Night Trap” original art work signed. The ending price shocked me as much as the next person, but it is a piece of Sega history.

Seller vigiljeff has some more interesting Sega items up such as this Sonic the Hedgehog DIC TV Show Gang framed picture from 1993. Check out the frame, it consists of all the DIC cartoon characters! At the bottom of the frame it says: “1993 DIC ANIMATION CITY, INC. AND SEGA OF AMERICA, INC”.

Whats funny is that the seller writes:”yes there is a story behind it and how it came to be in my hands. but I don’t have the time right now and im sure you all are sick of my SEGA ADVENTURES“.

Ummm….I don’t know about you guys, but I never get sick of hearing his Sonic adventures while working for the big S! Also, by writing down a story about how he acquired the piece, I’m sure that it would get more interests from Sega fans. As a rule of thumb for eBay, anything interesting added to the item like a story in the description always add’s value. Ebayers also appreciate this and don’t start to question, “Is this official?“. But, the story needs to have some proof as well which vigiljeff has shown us with Mr.Kalinske’s Sonic statue. So taking 5 minutes to write a story actually helps your cause 🙂 .

This frame is something I’ve never seen before, and I’m certain we will be seeing more from this seller since he is an ex employee for Sega!

If you’re interested in viewing this auction, it is on eBay right now: Sonic the Hedgehog DIC TV Show Picture Frame

If I was living in California, I would definitely be bidding on a lot of his items. But shipping to Canada can be costly so I move out of the way for the hardcore Sega collectors ;). Here are some other auctions that vigiljeff has up:

**Thanks Jeff!

Game Players Magazine Silkscreen Blow Up Cover
Sega Visions Magazine Sonic Pinball Cover
Mr Bones Original 11 x 17 Sega Drawing 1995

Other Rare Auctions

Legend of Zelda Gameboy Advance SP Limited Edition
Legend of Zelda Nintendo DS Limited Edition
Crash Bandicoot 3 1/2 Tall Plush – This thing is huge! I’ve been recently doing CB searches for the past month thanks for the inspirtation from VGMM and this is the first I’ve seen of this one. The CB plush has the tag and looks in great condition. Seller says: “Made by Play by Play and I’ve had this guy for at least 6-7 years. He is standing in this picture (propped up in a corner) but he does NOT stand on his own unless propped up in a certain way. His legs are very thin and the styrofoam in them has given way so it looks like he has knees where it’s given way. The rest of the styrofoam is firm in all areas. His nose is a little floppy but I think it’s supposed to be that way.”
Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal Display – This was on eBay for awhile. It looks to be in amazing shape except it’s missing a piece at the top of the display. It’s the “Available Now” tag. I don’t think I’ve seen an auction selling this display intact with the tag for a very long time. It’s quite hard to find. But the price is very good considering that there’s a “best-offer” option.

Good Luck!

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Rare Sonic and Gang Show Frame, Limited Zelda Gameboy and More

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