Key to Liberty City, Mega Man Figures and More

Some of the coolest video game collectibles comes from contests that the companies hold for gamers, such as this beautiful Grand Theft Auto IV Key to the City! We need video game companies to hold more contests like these! I listed one of these keys before, but I never went into details.

In order to own your own “Key” from GTA4, you needed to enter the contest through Rockstar’s Social Club. The rules to entering the GTA4 club are still listed here in case someone was wondering what went down. Basically you had only a week to join this club, and complete the challenge in order to own your own key. The task that Rockstar wanted you to do was to complete GTA4 with 100% completion(which is a pain in the ***!) under a certain time.

Gamers that were able to do this could submit their efforts and receive a key through the mail. I remember in the beginning there was some lag time in receiving the keys, so people were wondering if there was a problem over at Rockstar games. But, as the inpatient gamer realized these companies a true to their word; people all over starting receiving their key and putting up their trophy on the net. Supposedly around 2000 of these keys were only available. These “keys” can be pricey when they appear on eBay now since this contest is close to 3 years old. One sold 2 weeks ago for $90, but it didn’t have the official letter from Rockstar that came with the key, and as far as I can see neither does this auction.

If you are a GTA fan, you need this! If you want to see this item, you can see the Grand Theft Auto 4’s Key to Liberty City on eBay.

Other Auctions:

Weird Metal Gear Solid 4 GA-KO Space Suit Bank – Believe it or not, there is a cult following out there for these “GA-KO” items. I can’t seem to find any information now, but I believe that the GA-KO goes beyond MGS4 and has it’s own cartoon in Japan. I’ve seen play books with GA-KO and some frog character so it would only make sense. Do a search for this item on google and you’ll see collectors that have a load of these!

Mega Man PVC figure set ’95 – It’s already at $40 with 3 days left. Check out Dr.Wiley holding a pistol 🙂

Mega Man Action Figure’s from 1995 – I really want the whole set of these figures. In my opinion the coolest figures you can have from Mega Man and the details are pretty far out. They are not brand new, but the figures do come with the card. The link above is to the sellers inventory, I didn’t want to list all the links here but check em out, they are getting quite the attention!

Good Luck!

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  1. Thanks for clearing that Brett, I thought it was a little weird for him to hold a gun. Do you happen to know if the Mega Man’s that came with Dr.Wiley, IceMan and FireMan were the same? Or is there a difference?

Key to Liberty City, Mega Man Figures and More

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