Rare Consoles and SNES Test Station

Consoles can be a very pricey choice when adding to a collection. Sure, there are games worth far more than any system, but the lowest price for a rare console is normally a big chunk of cash. But there’s a sense of collector’s pride to own a rare piece of hardware… Well, today I’m featuring a few auctions for hardware that is not only rare, but very interesting.

Ever seen one of these at a friend’s house during the Super Nintendo age? I sure didn’t. This mini SNES was released well into the SNES run in the industry. This is maybe why they are kinda rare… because everyone already had a Super Nintendo lol. This one is still new in the original box. It’s a great find if you have the money. It can be found here on eBay: Super NES Control Deck

Yup, Nintendo isn’t the only game company to make gold collector’s items. This Japanese PS2 is a limited Gundam release. It comes with two gold controllers too! You can expect these gold controllers to gain in value over time as they get separated from the original bundle. This auction has the console complete with included game and original box! You can check out the auction here: Playstation 2 SCPH-55000 Gold Console

Here’s a bit of history for the Sega Master System II; Sega let Tonka produce the Sega Master System in North America to avoid cost in case it didn’t do well. But then when they saw it was doing well, they took back the rights from Tonka and made the Sega Master System II! Is it different? Not really… it has an Alex Kid game built-in, but there are no SMSII-only games. This console is quite rare and finding it new in the box is a great find! There’s one up on eBay here: Sega Master System II

I love these pieces of equipment that are official but never sold in stores. This SNES Test Station would be used to test the guts of a Super Nintendo that may not be working. Ever look at the bottom of your Super Nintendo and see that tech support phone number? Well, those people would have you send your system over to them so they could plant one of these things on it to test it. It’s a great item for a Nintendo collection and it’s up on eBay: Super Nintendo Test Station

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  1. That’s a pretty cool SNES test station. I haven’t seen that one before. It looks like it does the exact same thing as the “cartridge” version. When I was at luc’s I used to use that snes cartridge version to test snes machines… did the job very effectively, told you exactly what was wrong with the console if there was a problem. This just seems like a bulkier version… an extremely pricey… ideal for someone or a store that constantly buys and sells snes machines.

Rare Consoles and SNES Test Station

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