Ultra Rare NES Game Lot, XBOX Inflatable Sofa, Nintendo Varsity Jacket and More

Good morning VGA readers! Christmas is coming up so why not start your Christmas shopping now? I’ve got a bunch of auctions that could help you start things off, however, I think the first auction will likely be your own gift ;). But hey, if you’re some rich guy that’s figuring out what to get their younger/older brother, why not try this ultra rare NES game lot?

Ultra Rare NES Cart Lot

This is a pretty impressive auction. Sure you got your Super Mario’s and your R.C. Pro-AM Racing’s, but tell me what collector doesn’t want NES title doubles, or triples! Some games worth mentioning is The Challenge of the Dragon; which the seller says still has the tournament stickers on the cart, Bonk’s Adventure, Flintstones the Surprise at Dinosaur Peak; which is complete, and Bubble Bobble 2. The last time VGA featured Surprise at Dinosaur Peak, the cart ended at $950, and Bubble Bobble 2 normally fetches $125+ as can be seen in this sole auction.

The seller says, “it’s time to sell. I’m looking to get back what i’ve paid and hopefully more, so BID BID BID!!!”. Well, the price that the auction is currently at I would say his message is getting through to collectors :). The seller also listed nine games ranging from rare to ultra rare(the rarer tiles are mentioned at the top). If you look at the picture I provided, you’ll see that he bundled the nine rare titles into one pic. Too bad that the flash didn’t work. Anyways, this will be an interesting auction to follow even if you’re not participating.

eBay Auction found here

Other Rare and Interesting Auctions:

Xbox Inflatable Sofa – Common guys….isn’t this cool? I wonder how comfy it is. For $10 you can’t complain, even if you can’t sit on it, it’s a nice place for your plushes!

Silent Hill and Castlevania Poster Double Side – I’m listing this more for the Silent Hill poster. Haven’t seen this version of the poster in a long time. Excellent price on top of it all.

Super Nintendo Lot with Official NES Mario Cabinet – The auction has a reserve on it, but look at the pics; the seller even utilizes the Mario Cabinet. You gotta give him the credit for that!

1991 Nintendo Trading Cards – You probably seen this on our site before but these cards are so cool! Cheap too considering the age of them. No bidders yet….

Super Mario Bros Wii Trading Gold Cards – “Enterplay Super Mario Bros Wii Trading Cards….that includes Gold F34 Mario, Gold F35 Luigi, Gold F36 Blue Toad, and Gold F37 Yellow Toad. All cards are VERY RARE and limited….1:18 packs. Please note this are the gold cards and not the regular foil…these are more rare and more limited“. Yes these are official, they come from these trading card packs.

Prey Metal Figures Promo – Really neat promo for the game. They remind me of the Doom miniature figures, minus the $500 price tag.

Nintendo World RARE Authentic Letterman Leather Jacket – This is a pretty neat auction. Kenji forgot to list it yesterday when listing auctions from seller sswan117. Supposedly you were able to buy this jacket from the Nintendo World Store. I never go shopping on there(maybe I should now) so I haven’t seen this but perhaps someone else might be familiar. There is a reserve on the jacket and it’s a size XL. The jackets pretty stylish with an all black layout and a simple “Nintendo” on the back. Nothing too flashy like the pink Neo Geo Hat I showcased once 😉

Good Luck!

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Ultra Rare NES Game Lot, XBOX Inflatable Sofa, Nintendo Varsity Jacket and More

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