Xbox 360 US Launch Team Console, Chrono Trigger BETA Famicom, FF7 Keychain Prototype

Good morning VGA readers. Let’s start off with the Xbox 360 U Launch ’05 submitted by our friend Robert (thanks Rob). The seller who’s selling this Xbox was an Embedded Systems Engineer who worked for Microsoft from 2004 through to 2007. This Xbox 360 was only given out to persons who were intimately involved with it’s design. Some of those people are J Allard, Peter Moore, John Porcaro and Major Nelson. If you take a closer look at the faceplate it was a gift of it’s own given to the select few at Microsoft with markings “Launch ’05” and “I made this” on the USB port flip. It truly is a piece of Xbox history let alone gaming history. If you want to see the pictures I’ve added them at the bottom of the post. You can always check out the Xbox 360 US Launch Team ’05 console for more details. The seller is in Australia so shipping will have to be worked out if you are elsewhere in the world.

The next item up for auction is the Chrono Trigger BETA version on the famicom. Now let’s look at the different versions. You have the original Super Famicom which was distributed to stores all over Asia and sold to the gamers. This is the normal game that you’d get and play on your Super Famicom(U.S version=Super Nintendo). Now there were two other Chrono Trigger Cartridges made. The “Beta version” a.k.a “Press Release” and the “Prototype version.” What’s the difference you ask? The prototype is just that, a prototype and can be distinguished by the bronze look of the box. It was given out in the purpose of testing the game. The Beta version however was given out to the press for exposure and interest. Don’t make the mistake like most sellers on eBay who don’t know the difference. There is more information here at Chronocompendium so take a look. Once reading the information and if you want to place a bid on the Chrono Trigger Beta version go ahead. There is a reserve on it.

Last is the Final Fantasy VII Bandai Keychain or what is often called “Bronze” key-chain due to it’s bronze like image. The way you get one of these was through the Final Fantasy VII key-chain capsules you’d get at vending machines in Japan. These capsules contained slips to mail in for the chance to win a 1997 Bandai Keychain prototype. Winners would receive the “statue” if you want to call it that (it’s made out of hard rubber like the keychains you’d actually win). The figures are loose and comes with the base. You then place the figures on the base to give a “statue” appearance. Is this worth it? Is it really rare? Well 500 were given out so finding one with a Box is hard to come by but in the last 3 years I’ve seen it surface on eBay just twice. The seller has it pretty high for what it actually is. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice piece for Final Fantasy VII fans. If you want to place a bid on the Final Fantasy VII prototype Keychain then be prepared to dish out at least $500 bucks.

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Xbox 360 US Launch Team Console, Chrono Trigger BETA Famicom, FF7 Keychain Prototype

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