80’s Cartoon Heros

From the after school line-up to the Saturday morning all-stars, cartoons were a big part of kids lives in the 80’s. The most popular of these shows inevitably had a video game release which set the fans into a craze to play them! These games may not be the top of the list in rare and collectible titles but, for those who loved the shows, these games would be great to have…

Transformers (Famicom) Complete – This game was never released in North America, but from what I’ve heard, NA didn’t miss much lol. Still, it’s one of the few Transformer games that exist and this auction is for one that is in great condition and complete.
The Real Ghostbusters (Gameboy) Prototype – Here’s a pre-release prototype cartridge of The Real Ghostbusters for Gameboy. This not only has video game collectors value, but Ghostbusters collectors value as well! This is a rare find in Gameboy history as all prototypes are.
Thundercats (C64) Complete – I’ve played Thundercats on the Amiga and loved it. If this game is anything similar, it’s also a blast (and a big challenge). This copy is complete with the original box.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) Sealed – This is probably the most well-known TMNT game ever made because everyone wanted to play it when it was the only Turtles game available. I think most people were disappointed, but I had fun right up until the electric seaweed lol. This copy on eBay is sealed and in great shape.
He-Man (Intellivision) Sealed – The actual title of this game is “Masters of the Universe: the Power of He-Man”. I’ve never played it and I would love to see some feedback from someone who has! This copy is sealed and there can’t be too many sealed copies of this game left in the world so I hope the buyer keeps it that way…. Unless of course you really want to play it. If so, then game on! lol
G.I. Joe (NES) Sealed – I remember renting this game several times. It’s great to have a selection of characters from a show you know very well. My favorite (as many others) was Snake Eyes. This copy of the G.I. Joe for the NES is still factory sealed.
Captain Planet (NES) Sealed – Captain Planet isn’t actually an “80’s” hero because the show was on right at the beginning of the 90’s. But hey, the 80’s spirit is all the way through that show… I mean, look at Captain Planet’s hair! lol. This sealed game is available on eBay.
Dragon’s Lair (PC) Sealed – Here’s a funny mix. The above mentioned games are games inspired by cartoon heros. This Dragon’s Lair CD-ROM is a game inspired by a video game cartoon hero. So, it’s a cartoon which is actually a game and this game is made inspired by the cartoon in the game! This copy is factory sealed too.
There’s one more thing I would like everyone to check out. There’s a video on YouTube that captures the feeling of watching these cartoons perfectly. Unfortunately, the person who made the video decided to not let anyone embed the video anywhere outside of YouTube, so you’ll just have to check it out through the link below! It’s worth it, I promise.

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80’s Cartoon Heros

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