Rare Resident Evil Store Displays and Figures

I haven’t done a pure Resident Evil post in a while so I found some rarity on eBay. I’m not sure if any of you remember that insanely priced Resident Evil display that had a price tag of 30,000 GBP? Well after having some time off, the seller of that standee has now returned with a bunch of other rare Resident Evil store standee’s, and of course they are still expensive considering the drastic price cut he put on his other 30,000 GBP auction.

The seller does have an item that caught my attention, and it’s because it is sought out more than any other the other Resident Evil items he has up. It’s the Resident Evil PS1 poster that was used in stores during the release of the game. It’s the poster showing that awkward picture of the guy with the spiders on his left and right. It’s currently at $150 which is a decent price. It’s still expensive but that’s about how much these posters go for, except for the fact that the poster isn’t in top shape :(. The other displays he has up are also rare, but not $150 rare. The condition of these displays also suggest that it wasn’t taken care of, was just displayed any old way, and now the seller realizes that these “could” fetch some good cash on eBay. It’s too bad they weren’t taken care of better. The Japanese equivalent of the RE 3 Nemesis standee went to $380 a while back. The seller also has up some RE mixed lots with promos, random magazine posters, and games; also at a high price. If you are interested in checking any of the Resident Evil auctions, they’re listed below:

Resident Evil Director’s Cut Display – $110.47

Resident Evil PlayStation Display$157.81

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Store Standee$157.81

Resident Evil PlayStation Poster$157.81

And both lots can be found here and here.

I’ve also took noticed of these Resident Evil: Code Veronica Limited Edition figures. These figures were released in 2000 by Yamato Life. The thing about these figures is that they were very limited in terms of where they were released. They are also very rare since Yamato Life went bankrupt in 2008 which means they could never re-release these figures. The seller says that these figures were released only in Southeast Asia. Perhaps there’s some political motives for this, but I don’t understand why Yamato would do that. The figures are attainable on YJA, or on eBay if you are willing to pay $279 for them. If you really loved Code Veronica and need these figures, my best advice would be to shop around YJA, or wait on eBay for a cheaper pair to show up. I have seen them for less than $100. You can see Claire Redfields figure here, and Chris Redfields figure here.

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  1. I’m drooling over the Resident Evil 1 poster. That belongs in a frame. It’s up there with a FF VII original poster and Castlevania Symphony of the Night…. hmmmmm wonder if the seller accepts offers?

  2. If the any seller have resident evil/Biohazard Standees or displays I will buy it from him with any prices. this is my email naderwesam@yahoo.com.
    please any one have please contact me.
    also if you have resident evil posters also contact me.

Rare Resident Evil Store Displays and Figures

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