Shigesato Itoi Official Super Mario Sweater

How weird is this, I bash all the shill bidders on YJA in my last post, and now I’m showcasing items from there. It’s like a paradox, but I felt that VGA lack’s posts that show items from Yahoo. For those of you who never used YJA, a good place about info and registration is VideoGameMM; join their forums and participate. Once you’ve made a place for yourself there, you’ll have access to many great sections. One of the sections is how to register on different deputy services. All the steps are broken down to you along with suggestions of different deputy services.

Today’s post consists of Super Mario items, most notably this Shigesato Itoi Official Nintendo Sweater. For those who don’t know, Shigesato is the creator of Earthbound, and it also the one who came up with the name “Game Boy“. He’s got his own website here where the sweater is being featured. If you wanted to buy one of these, it’s actually cheaper to buy it straight off his site, but at $431 US, I’m sure you won’t be jumping for this one. Check out the pick, the girl is showing a coin in the pocket!

The sweater was actually released last fall. It’s made out of 100% wool, and all sweaters are hand-knitted. Don’t get the wrong impression that Shigesato Itoi is the one who’s hand-knitting these 🙂 He’s got his employees doing all the work! There is also a Mickey Mouse version of the sweater, thought I’d throw that one out there. In my honest opinion, it’s one of the ugliest sweaters I’ve ever seen. I just hate wool sweaters. Maybe someone else out there might find room in their heart to buy this sweater?

YJA Super Mario Auctions

Other than the Super Mario Bros. sweater, there’s a bunch of other cool collectibles on Yahoo. Some have been sitting there for months now, and some of them I haven’t seen before but I thought I’d show the ones you might like.

Super Mario Bros. 3 LP Record Rare Release – The translation is pretty messed up but selling here is a rare LP release of Super Mario Bros.3(where all the Dj’s at?), and comes along with a Press Pamphlet and rare SMB3 shiny sticker! Just imagine what kind of remixes can be done with this!

VS. Super Mario Bros. Instructions – This is really cool. I remember going to a friends basement where he has all his arcade machines, and one of the arcades he has is an original VS. Super Mario Bros. Arcade. For some reason all the vintage arcades has this common “VS.” theme. He didn’t know why it was there other than the fact that’s how the name was setup. But check out the wonderful art and the message at the top; “Mario’s Quest is to Save the Princess“.

Super Mario World Maze Board Game – This looks like too much fun! Doesn’t come with the box, but I’m not sure what else is missing.

Super Mario World Soundtrack – One of my favorite soundtracks ever, and many gamers can agree it’s theirs as well. I’ve bought mine for a lot more than this so it’s listed at a steal. It’s not in the greatest condition and is missing a 3D insert, but still not a bad price.

Super Mario World Tattoo’s/Stickers? – Not sure which is which, but I’ll stick to my guess of tattoo’s. These are new btw.

Super Mario Bros. Rubik’s Cube

Super Mario World 1994 Mini Basket Ball Net

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Shigesato Itoi Official Super Mario Sweater

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