Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey Cart and Stadium Events

These are arguably two of the rarest items to collect for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The thing is I’ve seen these up so often now I doubt it’s “rarity” to the price everyone puts on them. Yes they are rare, the rarest of them, the Gold Championship 1990 cart is without a doubt the holy grail on Nintendo collectibles but in the last year I can say I’ve seen over 6 Nintendo World Championship carts, one of them being Gold. As for Stadium events there have been at least 3 sealed documented on eBay and more then 5 with or without a box. Cheetahmen 2 is another title but I wont touch on that as I’ve made it in previous posts…

So with the constant flow of these games can we really say they’re rare? Maybe they’re being recyled from collector to collector. The person who owns it realizes it’s doing nothing just sitting around, or they just need the money? I know if I was filthy rich I’d definately have these two in my library but the reality is most collector’s don’t have $5000 to dish for a collectible that keeps poping up on eBay which diminishes it’s rare appeal.

This Nintendo World Championships 1990 Collection is very impressive. I’ve seen it up on eBay before which didn’t sell obviously but the seller is relisting it with a Buy it Now. The following items included are:

NWC 1990 Grey Cart. #305
NWC 1990 Denver 11 & Under Trophy
NWC 1990 Denver 11 & Under Signboard
NWC 1990 Event Poster
NWC 1990 Embroidered Staff Jumpsuit
NWC 1990 Yellow Semi-Finalist Shirt
NWC 1990 Semi-Finalist Badge
NWC 1990 VIP TC (Travel Companion) Badge
NWC 1990 VIP Guest Badge
NWC 1990 Quarter Finalist Gold Sticker
NWC 1990 Ticket – Portland
NWC 1990 Ticket – Oakland
NWC 1990 Folder
NWC 1990 Flyer
NWC 1990 White Shirt
NWC 1990 Black Hat
NWC 1990 Insider’s Guide
Powerfest 1990 Guide
The Wizard Pocket Power Guide
(2) Plush Mario Dolls
(2) Plush Luigi Dolls

The trophy is something I’d like to get my hands on. The price tag is decent for this lot of NWC collectibles although a reasonable price would be $5000-$8000. I can tell this isn’t an originally owned lot, but rather some of these were purchased individually. The grey cart, trophy and maybe shirt, but everything else was, is, and still can be acquired on eBay. I think the grey cart will drop in price before it goes up again. It’s coming on eBay far too often then not so sellers will realize they need to start dropping the price to get rid of it.

This Stadium events is the other cart which just doesn’t have the same appeal as it use to. All the collector’s who wanted this in their collection have bought it already, and the ones who still want it can’t afford the price tag. This one is at $7000, that’s a decent used car, a down payment on a home, an in home renovation. I mean come on sellers time to take a lesson in economics and understand trends. This is a decent copy, only flaw is the tear of one of the in flaps of the box(see picture). It can fetch $3000 for sure. At least he didn’t start it off on auction or he’d lose a lot of money. This is the worst time to list collectibles, right before Christmas where people don’t have the money to spend on collectibles. This is also a great time for collector’s to buy collectibles which I will touch in a following post.

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Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey Cart and Stadium Events

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