Nokia N-Gage Counter Top Display Kiosk

It’s rare when I don’t need to write a full description about an item , but seller jedi545 saved me some work :). If you use the buy-it-now option he’ll throw in a free N-Gage Demo Game! Bottom line, the kiosk is in great shape, and you don’t see many of these on eBay, if any.

N-Gage made it’s way onto the video game market back in 2003. It’s purpose? To try and capture a big chunk of the market share other hand-held systems had such as the Game Boy Advanced. What do you think happened??

It failed, simply because Nokia’s first mistake was trying to create a cell phone/game system. Who the hell wants to be bothered during the middle of a game?!?! 😆 Anyways, the seller says:

“Up for auction here is an insanely rare Nokia N-Gage (NGage) kiosk. The unit sat on a retail counter at GameStop (yes that is where this one came from) and gave gamers the opportunity to try out this unusual game/phone combo device. Sure the N-Gage was a flop and a joke to many, but from a collector’s standpoint this gem is reminiscent of the Nintendo Virtual Boy and years from now collectors will be kicking themselves for not picking up things like kiosk/store display early on while it was still affordable.

So if you already are a kiosk or game collector and you need something to go next to your Nintendo Display, SNES, N64, Gameboy, or even Sega Display….this N-Gage Kiosk may be just it. Think of it, glowing Nintendo signs everywhere and the lone N-Gage right there for the picking.

This particular N-Gage Display is in GREAT working shape. Installed in the system is EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Demo (not Stadium Events, but get over it haha!); I have never taken the unit off the stand itself, so I am not sure if the game is installed on the system or it is a Demo or Prototype cart, but my would be a demo cart that can be switched out.

There are no light son the Kiosk (never were) just the system, which brightly goes on right away and states “This Unit is for Display and Demo Purposes Only”. The system has great picture and sound, with no flaws.

The actual Kiosk is pretty perfect with a few exceptions. The Cingular Wireless sticker at the bottom has minor wear and tear from being in the store (nothing major) and just below the N-Gage Nokia Sign there is a small crack in the orange plastic ~1.5 inches in size (pictured). Standing back you can’t even notice it and I would have to say with the odd look of the system it almost appears like it should be there. Other than that the unit seems pretty perfect. All in all these units are rare and these small blemishes should not detract from the value too much.

The unit stands at a HEIGHT 13.5 inches WIDTH 14.5 inches and DEPTH ~14 inches. It is rather heavy, but will ship the cheapest, fastest way I can; I know how annoying shipping prices can be. It plugs into the wall so there is no need for charging. It has the original paper inserts (no damage); 1 on each side and a center 1 that displays the games SIMS Bustin Out, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, and Ghost Recon Jungle Storm.”

The Auction was put up about 4 days ago, and already has an offer. For the collector of hardware this is quite the opportunity.

Auction for Nokia N-Gage Kiosk

Thanks **Michael!

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Nokia N-Gage Counter Top Display Kiosk

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