Rare Metroid Posters

All I got to say is that even Nintendo wasn’t able to pull off the “glow in the dark” picture like seller “megaman” did. Wow, first time I see a perfect video game characters name on eBay. You normally have a couple of numbers at the end of the name :).

Here at VGA, we’ve featured a couple of Limited Edition Super Metroid posters. I remember them distinctively because there was two of these posters selling at the same time, and the one in better condition sold for $350, while the one with some creases on it sold for more. I guess a lower serial number matters to some. Personally I couldn’t care, as along as I have the actual item.

However, this poster isn’t so collector friendly. The seller is selling a lower serial number(#1263/2000) out of the two previous ones that sold, but this poster is in worse shape. The adhesive he used to put behind the poster kinda backfired leaving “oil” spots on the poster. That’s really a shame :(. But it’s not like he spent hundreds of dollars for this. If my memory proves me right, these posters were selling for around $17? I’m 100% certain it wasn’t more than $30 I just can’t find the ad in google. So it’s not a big loss for the seller.

Auction for Super Metroid Nintendo Power Poster

Other Metroid Posters

Metroid Prime Trilogy Promo Poster – The poster is not the limited version of the Trilogy Posters, but this one was given as a pre-order in which the seller says “this poster was never available for retail sale. In fact, it was only available at North American Gamestop stores for customers that pre-ordered the game, and on Amazon.com’s North American online store for customers that pre-ordered the game on its site. This poster had a very small size run and most people that pre-ordered did not get a poster as promised. Furthermore, the posters that Amazon issued to its customers were folded in to small, hand-sized packets. The folds essentially ruined the posters since the folds created ugly, permanent creases throughout the poster.”

The two posters at the bottom are not entirely rare in the sense of exclusivity or how limited they are(they pop up frequently on eBay), but I wanted to add a vintage touch to the post:

Super Metroid Nintendo Power Poster

Metroid Game Boy Nintendo Power Poster

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  1. Oh my god, that guy has “Megaman” as his user name?!?!. I knew he registered early and probably one of the first 200 registered user. When I went to check he’s registered in 1997. That name is up there is “God”, “Jesus”, “Michael Jackson” and so on… I’m more impressed with his user name then the actual auction!

  2. Nah, he doesn’t need too with all the money he got for the poster. It looked like it was going to go low, there was 2 minutes left and it was at $30.00!! I put my bid in for $80.00, then I got outbid, well I was going any higher then that. It went for over $150.00!! You win some, you lose alot :/

  3. Yeah the name “megaman” is epic *lol*. I wonder who has “Super_Mario” hehe.
    Also with this Metroid poster, I don’t know why; perhaps I’m picky, but if I won this auction I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at those oil markings in the corners. It would drive me nuts!! I would have to start a search for a “mint” Super Metroid Poster which would be a pain in the ***!

Rare Metroid Posters

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