Zelda collectibles, Prototypes and more!

Today’s post will feature some cool auctions currently on eBay. I haven’t dedicated a post to auctions only so that is what this post is about today. It will consist of the auction itself and follow up with a description.

The first auction is a nice complete Zelda: Ocarina of Time Launch kit. Seller states he has only seen this pop up on eBay once in the past two years. I think he’s right. You don’t see this often, at least not complete. I’ve seen the bag or the poster or the stickers with the game. Still it’s nice to get a complete Launch set. The bids are low so why not check it out? A nice companion to this auction would be the Legend of Zelda Tri-Force beanie hat. Ok so it’s not a collectible, but it’s official and a pretty darn cool winter hat!

The next set of Zelda auctions are really REALLY cool. Let’s start off with the Brand New Legend of Zelda Link Wind up toy by Nasta! This is so awesome that it’s new. The price is $99 starting bid which if you’re really looking for this brand new I guess you should swallow that cost. In my opinion a new one should start at $50 and let it go from there but it is Christmas time so the seller is playing it safe by starting it high. Still nice never the less. The next auction is so cool I might even bid on it! It’s an official Legend of Zelda History poster from Japan. It has the classic Link to the Past Japanese image on the front. Even though it’s a “History” poster, from the picture itself it looks only to be from “Link to the past” which doesn’t bother me one bit since it’s my favorite Zelda game of all time! Starting bid is $69.99. I think it should have started at $29.99 but I can say I am not complaining. The last of the cool Zelda auctions is the Zelda plate 1987 by Peter Pan Ltd. There’s a reserve on it which is a downer for those who want it. You can always ask the seller what it is. The prices for these always fluctuate. One time it can end at $12.50, another auction a week later can end at $70 and so on. It all depends on the collector’s doing their searches.

Other Zelda stuff:

Legend of Zelda Ocarina Time N64 Tattoos – These are pretty neat. Shouldn’t cost more than $5-10 bucks in my opinion. Originally obtainable at EBgames for free!

Legend of Zelda Framed Artwork Cells Nintendo – Really nice character artwork cells nicely displayed in frame.

Other auctions:

Seiken Densetsu 3 Prototype – This doesn’t come with the box. It’s Secret of Mana 3 on Famicom. For $200 without a box it’s not worth it. If it was complete then maybe it would be taken into consideration.

Chrono Trigger Prototype – For the famicom, like mentioned above doesn’t come with box or manual so not worth the $200 price tag.

Blizzcon 2010 Poster signed by Voice Over Actors– This is a cool auction because it’s a picture of the characters in StarCraft two signed by the voice actors of those characters. Worth the price in my opnion. Auction is at $19.99.

Castlevania Dracula X Prorotype – Impressive to have a prototype of Dracula X but for $800 bucks it will take a special Castlevania collector to buy it at that price. But it does have a “Best Offer” option.

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Zelda collectibles, Prototypes and more!

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