Donkey Kong Jr. Program, Professor Layton Rubik’s Cube and More!

There’s 6 more days till Christmas! That’s whats written on the top left of the eBay search bar 🙂 I remember when it was at 45 days! Time passes by, and so do these auctions I’m about to show you. Most of them end today! Sorry for the last submission, I decided to clear out my watch list today and start fresh on tomorrow. This will be a pretty long post of links….. 😈

Donkey Kong JR. Programmers Book

I thought this was an impressive auction. Not sure about the authenticity since you can mimic or duplicate this book with a little time and effort, but the auction looks legit to me. Seller’s feedback is also gold and he’s a user since 99, so this is one for the ages! It’s the Donkey Kong JR. Program, or as some would say the” DNA” of DK Jr.

Basically this is all the instructions(9 lbs of it!) telling the computer what to do, what to draw where, how to make characters act, what to show on screen, etc… There’s 1548 pages of codes and consists of sounds, robots, XX PRN, and trash sections. He mentions that this program was published in 1983-84, but you can’t see anything from the pictures that he uploaded. The condition of this program is listed as “excellent”, and if you’re a hardcore DK fan, this is quite the item to have.

Donkey Kong JR. Program Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:

Here’s a mix of different auctions, some of which you have seen before but was worth mentioning.

PlayStation 3 Official Gift Wrapping Paper – yeah I know, you might not get this in time to use it. There’s Gran Turismo 5, Little Big Planet 2, Mod Nation Racers, EyePet, Killzone 3 and Playstation brand wrapping paper.
Mass Effect Commander Shepard Statue – only 2500 where ever made and this one one statue that’s hard to find. Already two offers after day of listing…
PlayStation 3 4G USB Flash Drive – hard to tell if this is official, but if it isn’t the price is still decent so go for one!
Gamecube First Demo CD – consists of games, exclusive videos, all playable on the PC as well!
Jaguar with 8 Games All Sealed – Crazy!
Club Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Commemorative Pin – at $91, this is probably the missing link to many collectors…
Super Mario 3 McDonalds Display$80 w/ 6 hrs left. Not bad
Professor Layton Rubik’s Cube
Nintendo Storage Card with Drop Lid BRAND NEW!! – When’s the last time you saw this brand new?
Nintendo Promo Gift Bags
Super Mario Bros Goomba Bust
Official Super Mario Bros Bowser Book Bag – what the……. are you serious?
Lunar 1, Lunar 2, ArcTheLad Collection & Guide Books
Dragon Quest VIII promo shirt
World of Warcraft Collectors Edition

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Donkey Kong Jr. Program, Professor Layton Rubik’s Cube and More!

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