Playstation goodies and Game banners

Good morning VGA readers on this Christmas eve. I hope you’re all relaxing and enoying the holiday season and for those who are still working it’s cool because I’m working too! So now that we share something in common I want to share these cool auctions I found. Some are Playstation related and the others are video game banners.

I’m starting off with a regular Sony Playstation 3 60GB. So why show it off you ask? Well the picture on eBay had a girl on a bed “showcasing” the Ps3. I see these from time to time, yes I’m guilty and got suckered into clicking the auction because of some female influence(who wouldn’t?!?) but this isn’t worthy of talking about on VGA, what striked me about the auction was the question asked. Normally with these type of auctions having a girl half dressed showing off a console you always, and I mean ALWAYS have some guy make a comment like, “by the way does she come with the console?” or, “Hey your girlfriends hot”. In this auction though an interested buyer doesn’t seemed phased by the presence of the female, his question is only technical which I find pretty funny. We’re all geeks here, but this guy is a geek extrodinaire.

This auction is for 709 Playstation games, an 237 of them are sealed. The crazy thing is this only represents 52% of Playstation games released in North America. What a collection indeed and it took the guy 10 years to collect!! Why give it up? It would be so painful for me to let something like this go. I have quite the collection as well, no where near 709 games, mostly RPGs(my favourite), I can say about 85% of ps1 rpg games released. But besides the point this is a great auction. Unfortunately not too many people have $7000 to spend. I am sure there is a lottery winner out there somewhere who loves video games? Why doesn’t he or she buy it? If I won the lottery my shopping spree would start on eBay and this would definately help out the game community on eBay.

The next two playstation auctions includes a rare Syphon Filter 3 911 alternate cover which is extremely rare. When I say 911 it’s the Sept 11 terror attacks, this is the version of Syphon Filter 3 that got recalled and destroyed before making it onto store shelves due to the September 11th terrorist attacks. Very rare so make an offer on it. The other auction is a Brand New Playstation 2 console sealed. Nice conditioned box. I remember these blue boxes…

Next bunch of auctions are video game banners worthy of taking a look…


Nes World of Nintendo Store Sign Display : Alright so this isn’t exactly a “banner”, more of a store display but still very nice. Asking price is very reasonable.
Halo 2 / Gran Theft Auto SA Banner : This banner has Halo 2 on one side and San Andreas on the other. It’s huge and I love Halo 2 so this is inticing for me.
Zelda Windwaker Banner : Nice banner for those die hard Zelda fans…
Aladdin Sega Banner : Wow this is so cool. An Aladdin Sega banner which you probably wont find again and it’s only 49.99 or best offer?? Come on now why isn’t it sold already? I might make an offer…

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Playstation goodies and Game banners

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