Boxing Day Sales

December 26th for many countries is a day of shopping and big sales! People really go nuts today and the line-ups are quite a sight. In general, the biggest sales are on the more pricey items such as TV’s, furniture, home appliances, etc. When it comes to video games, you may not find too much on sale really. Still, if you’ve really been waiting this long to get a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360; today is the day to get one if you live somewhere that has boxing day sales. Be warned however, people really do lose their minds and it can get a little heated and dangerous.

I remember one year I decided to go out on my own to see what I could get (nobody else wanted to brave the crowds with me lol). I showed up outside of my local Future Shop around 10 a.m. and saw that the line up wasn’t too bad. The person in front was maybe only 20 feet away! It was a very cold day and I was too excited to check the weather that morning. The temperature came as quite a surprise because up to that day, we were having a series of warm days for that time of year. So, there I was standing in line wearing a thin jacket and running shoes without so much as a winter hat. If memory serves me well, I remember someone saying is was 18 degrees celcius below zero (about zero degrees Fahrenheit). An hour later, I caught word that the store would only be opening at 1 p.m.!! Three hours after I arrived, I couldn’t see the end of the line up and my feet were so numb that I felt like I was going to twist my ankle and fall down just by trying to stand (nevermind try to walk). Then, the crowd roared as the doors opened…

The above picture of a boxing day sale in Australia one year is very close to what I was in the middle of. The store would only let a certain number of people to be in the store at a time. Once full, they would only let a person in if someone else went out through the exit. Using every ounce of concentration, I walked in (frozen from the waist down). People were running, pushing, yelling, and falling down spilling their items all over the floor for everyone to step and trip on. It was a mess! In the end, I managed to get the Matrix Blu Ray box set for $40 or so and a few average semi-new games for $20 each. Was it worth it? No way! That’s why I’m home writing this right now instead of being out there in the frozen war that is Boxing Day…

If you’re reading this before heading out into the fray, please be careful out there people. It’s a mad house!

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Boxing Day Sales

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