TurboGrafx Express Console, Sam and Max 3D Poster and More!

The TurboGrafx Express was not a popular console. In fact, I don’t know one single person who owned this hand held. The reason being was all the problems the TurboExpress had. All the reviews that came with this console had one thing in common; the problems. Problems like sound failure, battery life(isn’t this always a problem?) and dead capacitors really hurt it’s image.Despite the public being aware of this, TurboGrafx-16 still listed the hand held at $299! Back in 1990, you can imagine how expensive this was for gamers, and during the rise of video games the average age of gamers in the early 90’s was probably around 13-16; unlike now where the average age is 35. How many of these gamers back in 1990 were able to afford a $300 hand held console despite this console being superior to it’s competitors? Just a couple quick facts: The TurboExpress got quite the Hollywood exposure as you can see the system in Enemy of the state, the Doogie Howser T.V series, and the movie 3 Ninjas. Also, this hand held had sold 1.5 million units up till 2007 according to Wiki.

Well, these are quite rare and popular for hand held collectors. Moreover, the TurboGrax Express doesn’t get listed below $150 and even the system by itself gets listed at $300-$500, but I doubt anyone will buy these. This particular auction is different, as it’s running on a regular auction with no reserve except for one problem: yup, the capacitor doesn’t work. But, if you win this for cheap you can fix the problem and still pay less than for a $300+ auction. System comes with a game too!

Turbo Grafx Express Auction

Other Auctions:

Soul Blazer Original Soundtrack – This is a really rare auction! A Soul Blazer soundtrack is VERY hard to find, expecially if you’re into YJA. They hardly pop up and I am guessing these were done in limited quantities. Oh yeah, the name on the soundtrack is the Japanese title, “Soul Blader”, but I always liked Soul Blazer because it was different. The price is painful to look at, but eBay’s all about bargaining with the seller :).
Sony PSX DESR-7700
Baby Blue Murky Murloc Pet
– It’s really crazy how much these go for. I can’t spend 1k on intangible items, I just can’t do it.
Factory Sealed New Splatterhouse – Turbo Grafx 16 – Everyone should keep a close watch with this seller. He’s been listing some pretty rare stuff over the past months. He’s also dropping prices when they don’t sell.
Nintendo 64 Promo Clock – 1 day 12hrs @ $23.50. Me like, and me want!
Jaguar Promo Clock $75 buy-it-now. The Jaguar logo never gets old…
Have you ever seen these many Video Game Guns??? – Anyone into cosplay here??
Sam & Max 3D Poster with Best-Offer – This is a really neat collectible for Sam & Max, and trust me there isn’t much for this game apart from the new S&M statue. The seller says he’s only seen some of these with the German Floppy Disk Editions.
Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashi Bushido Blade 2 Posters! – There’s 3 great posters for 3 great games and the price is only @ $12.50! Bid!

Good Luck!

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  1. Just watched Al Lowe for Sierra, that guy has a classic sense of humour, just great, loved the Leisure suit larry series. They shut their doors down in Bellvue which saw most of the staff left finding new jobs. Al lowe and Scott Murphay(Space Quest) were laid off too and were working on Leisure suit larry 8 and Space Quest 7 at the time but had to stop!!!! From reading about them it looks like Sierra continued making games until 2008, I think they shut down I’m not sure??

    The soul blazer(N.A) soundtrack is just awesome, very expensive though but awesome… that snes title is up there in memories.

    Damn the sam & max poster I’d get for $50 for sure, 169 is a little too much. I’ll make an offer 🙂

TurboGrafx Express Console, Sam and Max 3D Poster and More!

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