Interview with Pat the NES Punk

VGA has recently had the opportunity to have a brief Q&A with Pat the NES Punk. In the ever growing world of online reviewers, Pat has stood his ground with a quirky yet realistic view on the world of video games and online video reviews in general. He recently played through a live marathon of every NES game (lasting more than 30 hours) for the Child’s Play Charity where he raised over $8,000! Pat owns over %99 of all NES titles as well as many other titles from other game libraries including SNES, Turbo Grafx 16, and so on.

Thanks go to Pat for his time on this interview! To Pat’s fans; you may find some info here that you were not previously aware of 😉

VGA: How many NES games would you say you have beaten and which was the biggest challenge?
Pat: I’ve probably beaten only around 75 or so games. The most difficult were probably Ninja Gaiden and Top Secret Episode, which I didn’t totally conquer until my college days. I also didn’t defeat Mike Tyson until my late teens, and when I did that it was on a big screen TV at a party in front of a bunch of people. I felt like the man for all of four seconds.
VGA: What would you say is your favorite game series in the NES library?
Pat: Definitely the Wheel of Fortune series… such an accurate portrayal of the hit prime time game show! Seriously, I’d probably have to go with the boring answer and say the Super Mario Bros. series or the Ninja Gaiden trilogy. If there was a third Golgo 13 game (I wish), that would probably win out.
VGA: Is there a game that you think would have had a great sequel but never did?
Pat: Such an easy answer: Wally Bear and the NO! Gang. I’ve actually never really thought about this question. As a kid, a game sequel was almost never expected, but a big surprise when you found out one was on its way. It was a different world then. Now if you were asking about games that had a big drop-off in quality between the first and second games, Rad Racer II immediately springs to mind.
VGA: What are your thoughts on hand-held systems compared to standard TV consoles? Do you play hand-held systems much?
Pat: Hand-held systems to me were always seen as a luxury, and as a kid, that’s a luxury that I couldn’t afford. I had enough trouble scraping up allowance money to buy a new NES game, let alone worrying about a portable system. Today, I do own all the portable systems I couldn’t afford back then, but I mainly play the Nintendo DS when traveling… have to keep that brain age up!
VGA: Outside of the Nintendo consoles, which console would you say has the best library of games?
Pat: That depends upon how you define “best.” I’m not so much an expert on other consoles, but I would say that the SNES, Genesis, PS1, and PS2 all have very deep game libraries with a good mix of quality games in most genres. Yes I know, it’s the safe answer!
VGA: When did you get your first NES and what were your first few games?
Pat: I received my console set with the pack-in Super Mario Bros. at the Christmas of 1987. I also received Spy Hunter and Ikari Warriors that same Christmas… not the best selection to begin with, I know, but these were 40 year-olds buying me gifts. I remember that Legend of Zelda was purchased soon after that same winter at Kiddie City. Ahh, seeing the gold game pack sticking out the box… such magic.
VGA: In your NES Collection video, you mentioned having about 125 boxed games. Has that number grown since the video was put up?
Pat: Unfortunately it’s nearly doubled since then. Owning the boxes is good in theory, but then you have to have the space to store them all. I’ll probably be getting rid of about half of them in the future.
VGA: Do your M8 and M82 Demo Units still stand as your most prized and valuable Nintendo items and has anyone ever sent you any offers to buy them?
Pat: Those are definitely near the top of the list for sure, along with the big-boxed Gyromite. I have not had any offers to buy them, just inquiries about where someone could purchase one. If I knew that, it wouldn’t have taken me years to acquire my M82!
VGA: You’ve made a few Flea Market videos that have shown that great deals can be found if you put some time into it. What was the best deal you have ever found?
Pat: That’s a tough question, as there have been a lot of good finds throughout the years. The best deals are usually when you come across a system and like 30 games for $15… something like that. Personally, I’ve had a lot better luck finding game systems versus extremely rare games at flea markets, but it has happened every now and then. But I have to go back to the systems. Years back in NJ I found a TurboGrafx system and CD add-on with about 20 games for $40 or so. I picked up a boxed Atari Jaguar system earlier in the year for about $20 and couldn’t believe it when I found it laying there on the ground. I also picked up a Vectrex system at a flea market and was hoping and praying for the box but alas, it was nowhere to be found.
VGA: Which game in your collection cost you the most and where did you get it?
Pat: Shhh… it’s a secret to everybody!
VGA: In an interview with JewWario, you recently mentioned an idea called Geek vs. Geek which would be live gaming videos with Ian who joined you in the NES marathon you did for the Child’s Play charity. Is there any news on this you would like to share such as what games you have in mind?
Pat: There’s not a real update so far… it will happen, but it’s just a matter of timing at this point. We’re both pretty busy, unfortunately. As for the games, we’ll be playing any fun two-player games where we’ll be able to smack-talk and smash each other.
VGA: How was it working with Spoony on the Highlander: Endgame video?
Pat: Working with Spoony (Noah) was cool. He’s a pro at what he does and he contributed some solid ideas in the creative process.
VGA: In the Comic-Con videos that featured you with James Rolfe, it looked as though you happened to run into him by chance. Is that what really happened or was it planned in advance for you two to work together at Comic-Con?
Pat: You really want to break down every 4th wall in existence? Alright. James and I decided it would be cool to check out Comic Con together. I’m in San Diego myself so it made sense. I don’t think I scared him too much while he was out here… maybe.
VGA: Your Flea Market videos feature random surprises which really connects with the flea market experience and are great fun to watch. How regular do you plan on making these videos?
Pat: The Flea Market Madness videos will be released as regularly as time permits… it’s tough as I don’t have time to edit those and produce the other videos at the same time. There are about 4-5 more videos “in the can” and I shoot about one new video a month, so I’m building up a good inventory of videos I can put together on a rainy day.
VGA: Are there any hints about videos you have planned for 2011 that you could share?
Pat: “Choose wisely.”
For more of Pat’s stuff, please check out And now, Pat’s recent review of the Caltron 6 in 1 multi-cart for the NES…

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  1. Pat is awesome. How can someone not like his videos? He definitely takes a different approach to his video’s and you can’t help but find him hilarious! One of my favorite video’s is the review of the Caltron 6 in 1 cart which happens to be the video featured in this post. “Well technically that’s not a real…”… *lol*. Such a classic scenario with the store owner who’s just too cool for school ;).

Interview with Pat the NES Punk

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