Donkey Kong Marquees, Metal Gear Solid Promo Box and more!

Good morning VGA readers, today we have some cool auctions submitted by our friend Joseph, a fellow collector. It’s not often I meet someone who has vast knowledge in the game collectible market so we at VGA appreciate his findings.

I will start off with this super over priced Metal Gear Solid Display Box from 1997. Of course this is really cool. I don’t think I have even seen it being used for promotional purposes when Metal Gear Solid came out, but then again I wasn’t paying attention, I just wanted the game. Either way the seller states he knows the $1000 price tag is a little high and encourages to make offers if you have any. Either way it will be sold by the end of the 7 day auction so contact him and make an offer.

This auction is just as expensive as the above Metal Gear Solid box and that is the Super Mario All Stars Banner for the SNES. Yeah sure it’s rare, sure it’s nice looking, sure it’s a decent size, but I don’t think $1300 decent. I can go as far and say it can fetch anywhere from 300-500 on auction to the right collector. If this was an original NES Super Mario Bros. banner which is unheard of then the $1000 might be appropriate but with collector’s you never know how much one person will pay for something. I’ve seen ridiculous auctions go for a high amount. But anyways this seller has a best offer so make an offer and see where it goes.

The last auction I will talk about is by the seller “thethingsifind“. It’s been some time now that he’s been listing some very interesting items. I am assuming it’s from his personal collection as they’re being auctioned off and not fixed(fixed pricing is “buy it now”) but then I’m assuming so I’ll just let it be. He’s got this cool Zelda Ocarina of Time Wind Breaker. I worked for a Video Game store some time ago and I remember seeing this in the store. I tried it on, which to my surprise it fit well, wasn’t too big or too small. The weird thing was I was listening to my mp3 player and the wind breaker created a static shock with the ear phones. I thought I got electrocuted. Weird huh? Well the jacket is made of a weird material. While I put it on the rubbing must have caused static. I would love to get this and walk around town and see what kind of reaction I’d get.

Other auctions:

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  1. I’ve seen that MGS promo box get listed yesterday. You’d think that the price would change since it’s obviously not worth close to 1k, but I am guessing it’s more of a publicity stunt to attract more MGS fans who search auctions by “highest price” rather than doing particular searches. IMHO, I don’t think it’s worth $100, but who am I to judge right?

  2. Seeing that Super Mario All-Stars banner reminds me of the Nintendo Power contest they held for the Lost Levels. I still have my “No Warping” Mario badge to this day. LOL!

Donkey Kong Marquees, Metal Gear Solid Promo Box and more!

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