Stadium Events Sealed Box Back Up on Ebay

Stadium Events (one of the rarest games for the NES) has become an ongoing story around eBay over the years. Many people believe that there are fewer than 10 complete copies in the world and maybe 2 which are sealed. February of last year made this title the most expensive NES game ever sold when a sealed copy sold for $41,300! You can check out an article about that sale here on

Well, it’s happening again folks… There is a sealed copy on eBay right now and the most recent and 14th bid is $20,000 which means this auction will have a heavy price when it ends. If you have the money, now is your chance to get this crazy rare item!

If you don’t have the money to buy a sealed copy of Stadium Events but still love the legend, here’s an item for you!

Stadium Events Box Magnet

It’s a mini magnet version of the box lol. It’s a weird item, but I’m tempted to get it. Imagine sticking a note to the fridge with a copy of Stadium Events! heh

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  1. Wow, but you know something weird. Apparently a huge stock of these games were sent to KS. 3 were originally bought in KS, one in Wichita, the other 2 in Kansas City!! (Ones that have ended up on Ebay, including the other sealed copy you mentioned that went for $40,000!!) If your wondering how I know, I live here in KS.

  2. Interesting. Although I wonder how many sealed games there are now. Still how someone can spend that much money on this?? But hey, if they are making a good salary then go for it 🙂

  3. 24 bids and now at $22,201… There has got to be at least two serious buyers out there in this bid war. I’ll be sure to post the result in about a week when the auction closes.

  4. What Riku may be suggesting here is the possibility of shill bidding where someone known to the seller boosts the highest bid by bidding without expense. This is very much a real, illegal and often used tactic to sell something such as this. If you look at the bids however, “k***k” seems to have the highest top bid so far. It’s a tough to tell, but my gut tells me this is the real deal.
    This COULD also be a fake sealed copy. Some could say that the damage in the corner of the box is a give-away as a fake because it’s so centralized and otherwise untouched.
    It’s a harsh world out there on eBay people… you need to look close at everything… very close.

  5. You never know but I am sure it’s real. For someone to fake that would be like faking the Mona Lisa and saying it’s original. Now the one that went to $40,000+, that was legit but there was another one at the same time, a sealed on that went to a fake price. I knew because of how the bids were increasing. I think it went to the $100,000 mark or something retarded like that.

Stadium Events Sealed Box Back Up on Ebay

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