Tetris Attack Jean Jacket, Kinect Signed and More

Before I start, I thought I’d share a little gamer moment I had last night. I recently bought Black Ops just to play Nazi Zombie since you don’t need to commit to the game and can turn it off whenever you like(btw, anyone can get higher than round 47? 🙂 ). Yeah I have a bad addiction to online games but I’ve been able to combat this. Anyways, I powered on the Xbox 360 and what happens? Ring of Death!! So I’m sitting there thinking I’m screwed and need to buy a new Xbox 360. I ended up doing a search on Youtube on how to fix the problem. I found one video where this kid wrapped two towels around his Xbox 360 and called this the “Toasty” method. I thought this was a little far fetched. So you need to wrap towels around your Xbox 360 and leave it for 20 minutes to heat up the system. Well, after doing this, the freakin’ technique worked! I saved money and the console works like it’s brand new!! Try it if it ever happens to you!

Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo “Tetris Attack” Jean Jacket“It belonged to a former Nintendo employee so I do not believe that these were just sold to the public. It is a size medium and 100% cotton. The tag inside the jacket says MV Sport.”
Xbox 360 Kinect Adventure Signed – You got Major Nelson and Kudo Tsunoda autographs on it.
Wolfenstein Promotional Medal
Electroplankton – It’s only at $12!
3DO Company Jacket Windbreaker – “This is an extremely rare collector’s item for fans of the video game industry. It’s a 3DO Company windbreaker jacket I got when I worked there in 1999. It was a company Christmas gift to employees – only a few hundred were made.This windbreaker was never worn and is in mint condition.
Sega World Promo Toy Figures – A lot cheaper than the set I featured last week. Everything’s in mint condition and there’s no bids yet!
Microsoft Mission Banner Signed by Bill Gates – The autograph looks legit, but you never know so you’ll need to do some more research. Although this item doesn’t necessarily tie down to Xbox Gaming you always need to remember your roots 🙂 **Thanks Joe!

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  1. AH!! The infamous Red Ring of Death. It’s happened to me twice sadly 🙁 But got free repairs from Microsoft both times! But I wonder, how in the world does wrapping it in towels help! Heat is the main problem in causing the problem!

  2. I’ve honestly done the towel thing with my first 360 which had the same problem. Unfortunately, the fix doesn’t last forever. You can expect to see the red ring come back in about 2-3 months depending on how often you use it. The red ring of death shows up when connections on the motherboard detach (due to Microsoft rushing production). The towel keeps in all the heat while it’s on and actually melts these connections which causes them to reconnect. This new connection however is very fragile and will separate in time.

    It sucks but, I suggest you start saving a bit of money…
    When it comes to getting a new system, just buy the cheaper “arcade” version and then just plug your hard drive into that one.

Tetris Attack Jean Jacket, Kinect Signed and More

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