Rare Consoles, Nazi Zombies, New SNES, Duck Tales 2 and more!

Good morning VGA followers I’ve got an interesting set of auctions for you today so buckle up and get your watch-list ready:

This auction was submitted by Joseph(Thanks!). It’s a Playstation 2 H-Type Super Red Console. This console was NOT for sale in the U.S, rather it was given by Sony to selected VIPs. The seller claims to be a former SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America) employee. Is there anything special about this console? No magic tricks, special abilities or audio enhancements, but it does have a nice glossy red color to it :). There isn’t a number put on it as to how many were actually made but seeing that this console never shows up you can bet it was in fact a selected few VIPs. It’s on auction with reserve.

The next auction is for a Brand New Super Nintendo Entertainment System . This is the first time I have seen it almost hit the 1000k mark in a long time. A lot of sellers sell brand new SNES systems, and although they look legitimately new, they never sell this high. So what’s the difference? Well this SNES system looks convincingly new. SNES enthusiasts who are looking for a nes SNES console will know if it’s new just by the look. I can tell you myself it’s new so this is legit, and in excellent shape. To add more claim it’s the 9326th system produced which is nice to know. It’s out of my budget but if I won the lottery…

The third auction I’m going to talk about is the Gears of War 2 Comic-Con console, only 20 ever made. It was the grand prize during an XboxLive Play & Win Contest. Comes with the chrome “COG” tag. The art work on the side of the xbox is really cool. It comes fully equippedwitheverything, cables, controllers etc… It’s at $600 currently an climbing with 6 days left. Console collecting is definitelyhigh-end in the video game world. Wonder if this one will ever get the Red Ring Of Death.

Other cool auctions:

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Maps – You could only download the old Nazi Zombie maps if you bought the hardened edition. Luckily enough you have people selling their download code but at a price. They range from $50-80 and I am so tempted to buy one as I loved the old maps. First Strike map pack comes out tomorrow, I’m getting it for the new Nazi map.

Super StarFoxweekend cart with card – Pretty cool to have in your collection. It’s up there in terms of competitive gaming carts. The price is high, $899 or $999 buy it now.

Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto IV edition – Only 500 ever made, comes complete and it’s #164.

NES Caltron 6 in 1 Sealed – You probably wont see a sealed one again unless the seller has a bunch but I can bet he’s the only one who’s got them sealed so don’t miss out on one.

Playstation RPG Lot – A Nice assortment of titles in this lot. I’ve seen better selections though at way cheaper price. I can understand why the seller starts it at $500, but might as well put a reserve as it’s cheaper listing.

Nintendo Wooden Box – What the heck it’s at $250 and there’s a bidder? It’s the common version too? I’m puzzled as these sell sometimes as low as $40.

Mega Man X, X2, X3 Boxed – Decent price for these 3 titles. They don’t have booklets but individual booklets pop up on eBay from time to time.

Terranigma– A SNES Rpg title similar to Earthbound (what the seller says but not quite). It’s suppose to be a sequel to Illusion of Gaia which it’s obvious by the game play. It’s at $140, I’d rather have a boxed with booklet at that price.

Duck Tales 2 NES Boxed – At $119 and complete.

Atari 2600 Bugs Bunny Proto Autoraphed – It’s autographed by programmer Bob Polaro.

Call Of Duty Black Ops Helmet Signed by Dev Team – Pretty cool helmet signed by the dev team.

Final Fantasy Zippo Lot 1– Tiffa, Caith Sith, Yuffie. Price is good for the lot.

Final Fantasy Zippo Lot 2 – Barret, Vincent, Red 13. Price is good for the lot.

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  1. But it’s also very expensive 🙁 The COG in the listing alone is worth $200!! BTW, still waiting on all those soundtracks David.

  2. The red PS2 is part of the automobile series. 666 of each color was released (red, blue, yellow, and I think two others) in each region and was available for sale on Sony’s site.

  3. Interesting….. did not know that. I thought that those consoles were never made available to the public? Guess you learn something everyday )

  4. Interesting, although the only information I found on a Red Ps2 was a Japan release only and nothing to do with automobiles… Do you have a link or source Djb? I can’t find any info on it other then what the seller has mentioned.

Rare Consoles, Nazi Zombies, New SNES, Duck Tales 2 and more!

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