Super Metroid Poster, Limited Edition Consoles and more!

Good morning VGA readers, I have a ton of goodies to show today, some which have been submitted by VGA fans, and others are straight from my watch-list. So let’s go!

The first auction is from the same seller who sold the previous Super Metroid display (I won’t say how much it ended for!), and now he’s selling a double-sided Super Metroid Poster that was used in-store. It’s a little beat up but contains the charm of the video game store is was hanging in. It’s an official poster and extremely hard to find. The auction is starting low and if it’s anything like the last one don’t expect this to sell for cheap.

The next auction is for a Punch Out! Famicom Gold Cart. Now here’s the deal with this, there are 10,000 copies of this gold cart so the seller says. I have seen this once on Yahoo Japan so I don’t know if there are 10,000 copies or not, I would assume much less unless it was like the Zelda Gold Carts on the NES. With that said it’s still nice to have since they did make a regular cart too. The Mega Man 3 gold cart similar to this one was only given to the developers of Mega Man 3 at Capcom so there are 8 copies in total, each copy has a number in it x/8. It’s 8 copies, one for each person who designed a boss. Pretty cool right? That cart sells for $5000 tops in Super Potato which is a Video Game store in Japan.

Last auction I will talk about is a Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale signed by Nobuo Uematsu. This seller has a ton of signed Cd’s for sale by the composer as well as other various soundtracks. You should definitely scroll through his items list. This specific soundtrack is cool because I personally like Final Fantasy VI, and although I have a Nobuo Uematsu autograph it doesn’t hurt to have more :). So check out this seller’s auctions and you’ll find something you like. He’s got the original Myst Soundtrack from the PC, how cool is that?

Other Auctions:

PS3 Playstation 3 60 GB CECHA01 RARE – At $400+, earlier model so it is backwards compatible with 99% of ps1 and ps2 games. The newer models aren’t. Don’t know why the seller doesn’t mention it.

Xbox 360 Halo Reach Banner – This one is starting at $.99 , a good deal if you ask me. Thanks Joseph!

Playstation 3 Signed by Hideo Kojima– Hmm… a $1000 bucks. Kojima’s autographs are getting very common now so hard to put a price tag on it. The only value it brings for me personally is if it’s signed on an Original Metal Gear Solid from ps1. Thanks Joseph!

Large lot of Nintendo Promotion items – A nice array of Nintendo Merchandise at a really good price. You’ve got a poster, stickers, pins etc… Cool stuff and cheap! Thanks Jon.

Neverwinter Nights Collector’s Edition New – I’m a big PC gaming fan and never played this title. Will have to check this out. Submitted by: Joseph

Neverwinter Nights 2: Lawful Good “Collector’s Edition” – Collector’s edition comes with art book and figure.

Star Fox Super Weekend Competition Pin – A cool pin that did come with the StarFox competition, but for $79.99 I don’t know? I have a few and they’re really small.

The Flinestones “Dino Park” – Good price for the game, although no box I wouldn’t mind getting this title in my collection. The first one was really fun, definitely a top 10 Nintendo Game.

Burning Rangers – This is a game that always passes $50. It’s on the Sega Saturn and an extremely fun game. It’s one of those games that when you try for the first time you know it’s quality. You know you’ll have a lot of fun because it’s innovative.

Sony PS3 Rockstar Liberty City Pearl White Extremely rare and extremely nice. Look at the detail, and it comes with extras.

Final Fantasy X 10 Original Kotobukiya Statues Set – The complete set, really nice, however the price is high. I mean if it’s sold individually it would go for more (Fixed listing), but the most I see myself paying is $400-500 but then again if you go buy it individually you’ll pay the same or more!

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  1. That GTA ps3 is extremely cool! Very nice quality, I’ve always wondered what people they get to make those types of things. You know, one of a kind 🙂

  2. Are you kidding me!? The Gold Punch Out cart?? This was a prize given to players in Japan who competed in the Disk System fax-in tournament of 1987. The gold Punch Out was the 2nd prize in the 2nd competition and the cart plays with different music and different colors. Also, Tyson / Mr. Dream aren’t in it.

    Great find Kenji… wow

Super Metroid Poster, Limited Edition Consoles and more!

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