Crash Bandicoot Keychain, Final Fantasy Collectibles and more!

Today’s post will feature items from seller dansrcshack585who seems to be selling his collection, but at a certain price. Some very nice items, and as a Final Fantasy collector myself I know some of these items are high end. He also has some nice cold casts, a bunch of Chrono Trigger items as well as Super Mario stuff. I’ll be listing some of his items, but if you would rather see what else he has check his other listings.

The items from dansrcshack585are interesting indeed. One particular item stood out for me, and not because of it’s rarity. Amongst the items he is selling a Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Box Set. Upon further inspection I noticed something odd, something not common for a collector. Take a look at the picture that shows the 4 Cd’s. Out of the 4 Cd’s 3 are properly aligned meaning the copyright information, and Digicube logo are “straight”, but the first CD isn’t? Any collector who listens to his Cd’s makes sure they are straight. So I am left with a few puzzling questions. Was he in a hurry and quickly put the CD back? Maybe his mother called him to pick her up so he quickly took the CD out of the CD player, which is understandable as “pausing” it would scratch it. Maybe that is the first indication that his collector passion started to fade like a romantic relationship gone sour. This subtle yet monumental difference speaks volumes about the particular events that occurred. One can only be left to his/her imagination as to what happened in that household (Ghost, Aliens, Cosplay battle, porn?). I can’t help but picture the horror… Here are some other really unique items:

Chrono Trigger Playstation “Camp Fire” Poster: Really cool, from the playstation release and in good shape.

Final Fantasy VII Forgotten City Cold Cast: Always a favorite amongst FF fans.

Final Fantasy VI Opera House Cold Cast: I love FF VI.

Final Fantasy VI Premium Bronze Figures 1: These are very rare, almost never pop up.

Final Fantasy VI Premium Bronze Figures 2: These are the rarer of the two because of the characters, everyone likes Cyan, Edgar and Sabin.

Crash Bandicoot Keychain: Super cool from the PSX days…

The next set of auctions are for the Final Fantasy Cold Casts by seller Zero_619. I’m not liking his feedback but hey, who am I to judge? After all a murderer is innocent until proven guilty. So regardless his auctions are nice, but I would double check to see if there is any damage on those cold casts. The Final Fantasy VII Forgotten City statue looks intact, but has a manufacturer defect which kind of sucks. The price should be lowered because of that but at least he has best “offer”:

Final Fantasy VI Opera House Cold Cast: Comes with no box

Final Fantasy V Butz and Boko Cold Cast: I have this one and I like it, has something about it.

Final Fantasy IV Mt. Ordeals: I love this battle scene.

Other auctions:

Final Fantasy VI Opera House NEW: You never see one brand new and if you do they charge so much $$ for it.

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  1. Would love to have that FFVII Soundtrack Box Set.

    I just found 3 old video game posters today. I’ll have to take some pics of them and share them here later.


  2. Show N’ Tell? Cool! BTW.. Kenji, I completely agree with your statement. I always put my discs in straight :/ It’s even more puzzling that he left it off skew for the Ebay listing!

  3. Hmmm….you should get an email confirmation. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I know Kenji registered the same way as you and he had to wait a little bit. I’ll check to see if there’s an option to send the email faster or something like that. I’m such a noob!

  4. “It’s even more puzzling that he left it off skew for the Ebay listing!”

    Hahaha good point. How can you, as a collector, leave room for such error? It’s insulting to the rest of us! πŸ˜›

  5. I figured the activation thingy out. Everyone’s activated who registered so you can log into the forum, you don’t need to wait for an email.

    Future members will, however, receive an email to confirm their registration. Sorry, I had a tough time finding that option in the control panel πŸ™

Crash Bandicoot Keychain, Final Fantasy Collectibles and more!

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