Mother Figure Collections, Signed Mario Kart T-Shirt, Cards, and an Octopus too!

The Mother figure collections are very difficult to collect because of the confusing series they were released in. If you see a simple looking auction that says, “Mother 2 Figures Full Set”, this can be true and misleading at the same time. The thing is, there are two collection series for Mother 2 (normal figure and mini figure) and each were divided into several series. The standard figures had 3 sets and the mini figures had 5 sets. To make things even more confusing, both normal and mini collections had duplicate figures (Ness is repeated in both collections within the series releases). So, to have a true full set, you will end up with several Ness figures. These duplicates, to someone who isn’t aware of how they were released, would look like the seller is just filling up the figure count with doubles. This isn’t the case normally, but could still happen. If for example, someone tries to pass off a full collection of the mini figures by replacing a Collection 3 Ness with a doubled Collection 2 Ness. It’s tough and nearly impossible to be sure without checking each box up close.

Mother 2 Mini semi set

This is one auction that is listed as “Nintendo Mother 2 mini Figure collection set“. If you scan your eyes through the boxes, you see there are 4 Ness figures… this is good. But, where is Master Belch? There’s only 1 Mr. Saturn when there should be 3, Dr. Saturn isn’t there, and the Runaway Five is missing a few members. Well, the auction never claims it to be a full set or full collection… simply a “set”.

Mother Figure set with some Mini Mother 2 Figures

Here’s another auction from the same seller. This auction is up as, “Nintendo Mother 2 Figure collection FULL SET RARE“. Now, here’s the confusing thing… “Mother 2” is right in the title, but nearly half the figures here are from the Mother series. If you scroll down, the true and proper description of the auction can be found. This is the Mother Figure Collection 1 & 2 (true full set) and Mother 2 Mini Figure Collection 1 & 2 (missing 3 more collection sets). these 4 series do total up to 14 which is also correctly shown. So, in conclusion… do your research before you buy because you may be happy with your set for a couple weeks and then suddenly find out you only have half of them!

Here are a few more cool items I came across today:

Mario Kart: Double Dash T-Shirt Autographed – XL – This t-shirt was signed by Charles Martinet who does the voice for Mario! There are a few more autographs on it but I can’t identify them (no Miyamoto in there; sorry ;P). Still, it’s up for a great price.

Game & Watch Box Figure Collection OCTOPUS – This is one of many Game & Watch figures out there. I haven’t pinned down exactly how many there are yet. I’ve heard a few conflicting counts.

Box of 40 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Card Packs – This box contains 40 packs of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 4 cards! It’s in great shape.

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Mother Figure Collections, Signed Mario Kart T-Shirt, Cards, and an Octopus too!

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