Secret of Evermore Soundtrack

It’s about time another Secret of Evermore soundtrack surfaces on eBay. If anyone remembers the last time this soundtrack appeared, it went for $200.50.

This soundtrack is one of my favorite video game soundtracks. It’s on my Top 5 RPG soundtracks and you can really appreciate the music. I don’t own the CD, but thank god for Youtube! With that said, there has been a lot of criticism about this soundtrack, partly due to the fact that it doesn’t compete well with it’s sister game(Secret of Mana). I know they are two different games, but Secret of Evermore was North America’s attempt of making a Role Playing Game, and we should all be proud of it :-). It’s just that many critics compare the two soundtracks when in fact they are not comparable. Secret of Mana is it’s own game, and the music goes very well it, but the same can be said about SofE; the music is just so fitting. I don’t understand how some critics mention that the soundtrack is too “dark” and “deep”. It’s soundtracks like this that adds satisfaction to the game; it really draws you into the world of Evermore…

The score for Secret of Evermore was composed by Jeremy and Julian Soule, although Julian only had the task of only doing “high brass parts” for the soundtrack. Wiki states that Jeremy opinion of the music in video games(during the early 90’s) lacked drama and intensity. After high school he created demo tracks for Square USA, showing how he felt music in video games should be like. After Square USA reviewed his demo tapes, Jeremy Soule was given the task of making the complete score for Secret of Evermore. The score is described by Soule as a mix of ambient sounds and low-key music. Jeremy Soule is quoted by GameSpy as saying: “I only worked on one game that was released, The Secret Of Evermore. And everyone thought it had the weirdest Squaresoft music they had ever heard because I used a lot of ambient sounds and a lot of low-key music.”

The CD consists of 29 tracks, the first 8 being orchestrated versions of selected songs. The soundtrack was never released outside the US, and were limited in production. The soundtracks were only given out to those who pre-ordered SofE in 1995.

Secret of Evermore Soundtrack

This is one of the rarer Squaresoft soundtracks ever released, and there are even collectors in Japan who search for this CD. The one on auction is starting at $300 and was just listed yesterday. We’ll see how well this one does…

Secret of Evermore Soundtrack Auction

Here are a couple of tracks from the score that I enjoyed:

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  1. Yeah, this same auction has been listed on Ebay, off and on, for about 3 months now. Nobody’s bought it :/ The price is a little high.

  2. Now since you’ve mentioned it, I believe I’ve seen this exact auction before. But since the last soundtrack appeared on eBay(Davids auction), none has surfaced. But it is possible that he was listing it before February. Was he asking for $300 before?

  3. He was asking $400 for it back in December, but has relisted it about 4-5 times, the price getting lower each time. The last 2 listings have been for $300.

Secret of Evermore Soundtrack

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