The Danger of DLC

I have problem with the video game industry I feel the need to mention. There’s something very wrong which is getting very much out of control and I feel the future of the business side of video games will be very sick and pathetic. It’s a disease infecting the minds of developer after developer and the gamers are the ones paying the price. This plague is known as DLC (downloadable content).

Some people use the term in reference to full games that are download only. While I dislike the idea of playing a great game and never having a box to add to your library; this isn’t my main problem. What I’m talking about is the add-on content that is released for a price. The original game you bought in the store was full price but while you’re throwing down your cash, the people who are taking your money are actually still working on that very game! C’mon people, if the game isn’t finished content-wise then keep working at it and give us the full package! The original concept was a good idea because the fans of some games want to keep playing. This market isn’t new; it was known as expansions.

Expansions before DLC were always a big add-on found packaged and on the shelf equal to the original game! But now with the quick and low-cost delivery of downloads, the add-ons are getting smaller and smaller. It’s all about making money of course and that’s exactly what they are doing when they sell you a game KNOWING it’s not everything they have finished. I mean, some games have had DLC available ON RELEASE! What that hell is going on here? The most recent slap in the face is Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom 3’s DLC add-on characters. This is disturbing because the game by itself has nearly 20 characters less than Marvel vs Capcom 2. So, they start out selling you %70 of MVC2 at full price and then string you along like a drug addict to buy the remaining characters 2 at a time… This means by the time you reach the character count of MVC2, you have spent maybe $120 total! Do you see what I mean?

Microsoft Points

It’s not going to stop because these add-ons individually are very cheap and the common consumer doesn’t think about how it adds up and how badly they are getting screwed over. It’s going to get worse I’m sure… They may even end up including a DLC shedule in the manual of the game itself lol… Very very sad.

Take a moment to listen to what designers and developers have to say about DLC… They don’t even hide how much they like the idea of charging for this stuff…

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  1. DLC is ridiculous in the sense that you need to purchase extras that were readily available in the past. I remember turning on Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the Xbox and have a box appearing on screen saying, “Downloading New Content”, which meant you are getting new maps for multiplayer….. for free!

    Buying Xbox Live points to download a new game exclusive to the Xbox 360 Arcade library is normal, but purposely leaving out 20 characters in MVC3 is capitalist bullsh**. It’s sad because like you mentioned, the game fuels the addiction to the end user who falls into the MVC3 world and wants to buy all the characters to “feel complete”.

  2. Ugh, I experienced some of the DLC annoyances with Mass Effect 2. I bought the Xbox 360 version and I found out later that there were a handful of new missions I could play .. if I wanted to pay for them. Sure, they gave us some new characters for free, but I wanted the mission where you could continue your relationship with Liara, except I had to pay an extra $10 for it. That’s 1/6 of the original MSRP. I didn’t go for and I’m ticked to learn than the PS3 version of ME2 comes with all of the DLCs released for the 360 version, so PS3 owners don’t have to pay extra for any of it 😐

    Another thing I’m worried about is decades from now, none of these current DLCs will be available anymore. People who want to play old games will never get to experience them to their fullest unless companies release a tangible product that includes every DLC ever released along with the game, which is unlikely except for the most popular titles 🙁

  3. That’s a very good point about aged DLC possibly no longer being offered. I didn’t think of that. It will be up to the gamers to hack, store, and share these add-ons for the future.

  4. I have no problem with DLC I do it with Wiiware games I play, and PC games Like The Sims games which are user made stuff.

  5. Yeah, I know what your trying to say [b]Heidi[/b]. But, Mass Effect 2 will probably get a full retail release with all the DLC. Most high profile releases, will probably get versions with all the DLC (Borderlands, Fallout 3, Oblivion) I will be very surprised if they don’t.

The Danger of DLC

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