Rare Silent Hill Collectibles, Square-Enix Gold Reward Box and More

Seller qualitydisc has some interesting Square-Enix(Squaresoft) items in his store. The item that caught my eye was the Members Gold Reward CD box. Currently there are only two auctions on eBay for this CD box, and this is the cheapest one.

Seller says:

Up for grabs is the rare “Square Enix Members” deluxe CD compilation box reward club prize. This item was given as a one-time prize for those who made Gold status in the American Square Enix Members reward program. This item was never available to buy and will not be produced again. Promo items like this are difficult to obtain, making it a collector’s item!

This listing also includes the Silver and Bronze rewards: a desktop calendar and a glossy set of collectible cards. This item is NEW but I have opened the seal to take a photos for this listing. See actual pics below! See actual photos below! This title is already extremely scarce, so Buy It Now before it gets snapped up!

It’s a great collectors item to have and the fact that these weren’t available for sale, but rather available to members who made Gold status in the Square Enix reward program makes this a nice collectors piece like the seller says.

Square-Enix Gold Reward Box Auction

Seller has a bunch of other items that caught my eye but check out his store:
Final Fantasy VIII Music Collection Soundtrack – This is the rare US version which is the only one on eBay now. There’s always contrasts between the Japanese OST versions and the US releases, but since I don’t own this CD I can’t tell if there are in fact differences.
Final Fantasy III Opening Theme Music Box Nobuo Uematsu – these music boxes are freaking adorable!
Final Fantasy XIII Blinded by Light Battle Music Box – there’s video clips of these music boxes playing, check’em out!

Rare Silent Hill Collectibles from Mexico:
Silent Hill Torch Lamp Promo – I don’t think “torch” has anything to do with this flash light, but nevertheless it gives the auction title some life…
Silent Hill Shattered Memories Posters – 10% of the proceeds from this auction equates to $6, which is a dollar higher than what Red Cross or any other foundations asks of you so you can’t put the seller down. Every penny counts to help Japan…
Silent Hill PlayStation Poster Japanese Version from 1999 – very much worth the price…
Silent Hill 3 Promo Yamaoka Signed + Soundtrack

Other Video Game Auctions:
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Promo Box Set Limited – They were not available for sale. They were exclusively made for promotional purposes. Great collectors item!
Resident Evil Outbreak Survival Kit Flash Light Promo
Original Final Fantasy VII Preorder Shirt – This shirt was a give-a-way from Babbages when you pre-ordered FFVII for the Sony PlayStation.
Nintendo Summer Challenge 1991 Collectors Cup – It had better days…
Tekken Dark Resurrection Pair of Promotional Glasses
Resident Evil Palisades Claire Redfield Statue – Number 8 on VGA’s list of Rarest Resident Evil Collectibles.
Nemesis Statue Capcom & Palisades

Good luck!

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  1. Oh, suddenly you guys like my music boxes now, huh? That’s not what you said back in October.

    In terms of music, the US release of the FFVIII Music collection is the same as the Japanese OST. The artwork is completely different, though. In fact, there is some concept art of Balamb Garden in the liner notes that I have never seen elsewhere. Some of the artwork looks like it’s “post-release” promotional artwork — stuff Nomura may have drawn to promote strategy guides or what have you after the game’s release. Which would make sense, since this US release would have come out at least six months after the initial Japanese release of the game.

  2. I love music boxes. I can’t think of any gamer who can watch a music box(game related)play and not smile :). But yes I remember that post. Although I didn’t write it, it was a little out of line and whats weird is I thought I deleted that post a while back. But I will remove it from the archives.

    But yeah, thanks for comparing the US and Japanese release. It would be interesting to see the pictures of the Balamb Garden just because they’re not posted anywhere else. But I would suggest not posting the pictures up. It adds more curiosity to the potential buyer ;).

Rare Silent Hill Collectibles, Square-Enix Gold Reward Box and More

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