Welcome to the Next Level,Dreamcast CX-1 TV Japan Divers 2000

Today’s post consists of only video game auctions relating to SEGA. I found a bunch of great auctions to be able to put them all under one heading.

SEGA collectibles are always cool. From games to promo items you can always find the desire to bid on those items. For example, take this cool promotional item from SEGA’s booth at CES & E3 back in the 1991:

Welcome to the Next Level SEGA Puzzle

It’s the SEGA slogan from the early 90’s, “Welcome to the Next Level”, but in puzzle form. The cool thing about this slogan is that it was changed from SEGA’s old slogan, “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” to the new one because of Nintendo’s SNES launch. Also during that period, Sega re-branded itself by introducing it’s new mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. So this is quite a collectors item, and to be honest I always thought that SEGA had some of the best slogans, especially “Welcome to the Next Level”. Click here for “Welcome to the Next Level Puzzle” Auction

Another auction I stumbled upon is this very rare Sega Dreamcast CX-1 TV Japan Divers 2000.The seller says that supposedly only 200 of these systems were release and that this and is often considered to be Sega’s last contribution to Dreamcast collectors’ world. This all-in-one console was developed by Fuji and was meant to have video communications and innovative gaming devices. The original price tag for the CX-1 was around 88,888 yen¥, which was around 4 times more than the cost of the standard model. The CX-1 was compatible with all Dreamcast software and accessories. To read the original press release of this console, click here.

Welcome to the Next Level SEGA Puzzle

You can see how it took a bit of inspiration from the iMac phenomena back then, along with the retro-futuristic styling of Space Channel 5. The setup has a bit of a curvy and colorful gumdrop look to it. There are LEDs on the side that cycle based on the audio which is a pretty cool touch. Here’s the description:

  • A futuristic Fuji television with built-in, top-loading Dreamcast unit
    • It plays U.S. & Japanese Dreamcast games
    • It has a built-in TV function, with “Martian”-style antenna
    • Antenna input, Audio/Video in and audio out, MIDI in/out, built in MODEM
  • A REMOTE CONTROL, for both the TV and the Dreamcast
  • Divers 2000 edition Dreamcast KEYBOARD
  • Divers 2000 edition Dreamcast CONTROLLER
  • Divers 2000 edition Dreamcast VIBRATION PACK
  • Divers 2000 edition Dreamcast “DreamEye” INTERNET CAMERA
  • Dreamcast internet headset
  • Instructional video
  • Visual Park software
  • Dream Passport software
  • All instructions, warranty cards, paperwork, etc.
  • Original box, carton & packaging

Here is a clip from Youtube featuring this console:

This console is just about as unique as it gets, and it isn’t surprising coming from SEGA. To note, this console was not available outside of Japan which makes it quite hard to track down. Some of these have appeared on eBay in the past, so if you cannot go for this one don’t panic too much as I’m sure more will pop up in the future. But if you want one now, keep in mind that the buy-it-now price on this one is $2000. Click here for Dreamcast CX-1 TV Japan Divers 2000 Console

Other Video Game Auctions:
Sega Dreamcast Promo T-Shirt – $8 starting bid.
Moore Creations Virtua Fighter Sarah Statue – This statue has a broken arm that was glued back together, but despite that it’s still at a decent price and comes with the original box.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sega Genesis 1994 Banner – I remember featuring one of these a while back which also ended for a high price. A real cool banner to hang in your game room. Sonic’s image never gets old…
Sega CDX System Brand New – quite rare to find one of these brand new. Currently at $305.

A couple of Charity Auctions:
10% of the final sale price will support the Electronic Frontier Foundation. These are really cheap right now so place a bid!
Sega 32X NTSC/US 100% Complete in Box w/ DOOM + 2 Games
Sega CD NTSC/US 100% Complete in Box w/ Four Games

Good Luck!

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Welcome to the Next Level,Dreamcast CX-1 TV Japan Divers 2000

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