Final Fantasy Nintendo Power Orb & FF7 Pepsi Standee

Well, it seems like more orbs are coming out of the closet. When we first saw one of these Final Fantasy orbs, it was last year from this auction. Seller still has it listed at 130k despite the appearance of other orbs.

Then two weeks ago I made a post about a second one surfacing on eBay. Now, another collector came out with their orb as you will see today.

Seller painsettingin1919 has listed his Final Fantasy Nintendo Power Contest Orb for a starting price of $17,000, or a Buy-It-Now price of $19,500. So, is the price justifiable for such a rare item? Well many questions arise as to what the item represents. I mean there is certainly value attached with this item since it’s said that less than 50 exist, but does the orb represent a game that desired by many? Did the game have a lot of followers? Mind you, Final Fantasy is a huge series, but back on the NES it wasn’t as big as you might think. It was never talked about at school, and no one had the game on list as being a fan favorite. It seems that anytime someone talked about FF, the convo would die down and we’d resume with other titles. I was quite young when this game came out so maybe I wasn’t able to appreciate it as much.

You see, Final Fantasy for me didn’t really take off until the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo releases. Only then did I appreciate more of what the game had to offer in terms of visuals, story mode and even the characters. I even found the quality of music of the SNES Final Fantasy’s to be amazing which helped keep those memories for me. So what does this orb represent? Yes, the obvious is that its an orb for the Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Entertainment System, a title that leaves me with little nostalgia. But I can’t relate much to the game so buying this orb doesn’t even cross my mind. So, was Final Fantasy on the NES a significant game for you? Do you view this item as the “starting point of a great franchise?”.

With that said, I believe many older gamers fall into the same category as me. Of course it’s just an assumption which leaves room for nice comments ;). But I don’t believe the demand is there for something like this, not at it’s current price. If three have surfaced perhaps more will follow and bring down the price. But one thing is for sure, this auction is more attractive because it comes with the orb, the letter of authenticity, a Final Fantasy promo pack, and the controller stickers. So the sellers almost got everything there minus the chocolate coins he ate. I wonder if there is anyone out there that would like to own one of these and would be willing to spend 17k, because I’ve been seeing the same comments all pointing towards the price of these orbs. Only time will tell.


Final Fantasy VII Cloud Pepsi Cardboard Standup – I thought this was worth mentioning since I’ve seen many wishlists with this standee on it. Looks to be in pretty decent shape despite how old the standee is. Quite a collectors piece for an avid Final Fantasy 7 fan. Seller says “this Standup came out in 1997 and was a promo display in a grocery store”.

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  1. Love the look of that Final Fantasy standee :). I’ve always thought it was funny how game companies partner up with Pepsi, or Mountain Dew. Then standees like this get displayed in gas stations and grocery stores of all places 🙂

  2. Heh ya and that standee fluctuates in price big time. Saw it end for $25 bucks, and this one is selling for $1000 lol, gotta admire the young spirited/business minded people.

  3. Well in all fairness, you tend to want to price things higher when you have more emotional attachment to them. Isn’t that how the psychology behind selling works? I could be wrong, but it’s either that or just greed 🙂

Final Fantasy Nintendo Power Orb & FF7 Pepsi Standee

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