NBA Jam 1994 Glass Mug, DK Jr. Math Complete and More

There’s a couple of cool video game auctions on eBay right now. I thought this was a neat promo item from the Super Nintendo days. It’s an NBA Jam 1994 Souvenir Glass Mug. I was never a basketball fan but I remember when NBA Jam hit the SNES every kid was talking about it. That’s what made the game special is that you didn’t have to be a basketball fan to enjoy the game. It was a unique game for it’s time and who can ever forget putting the net on fire when your player was hot? Good times.

Anyways, the NBA Jam mug was a promotional item given out by Acclaim. The seller says, “This large glass mug is a promotional souvenir from Acclaim Entertainment’s Jam Day, March 4, 1994, when they rolled out the first cartridge game version of Midway’s very popular NBA Jam arcade Game.”. Now back in the 90’s promotional items were as easy to get as one might think. By the time Y2K hit promos were being distributed at almost every video game store, but in the early 90’s it was sort of handed out to the “good” customers of the stores. Well, that’s how it worked where I live. I remember having a conversation with a store owner and he said how promo items were given in small numbers by the companies, unlike today where there’s free posters and swag at the check-out counter. I bring this point up because it adds value to older promo items such as this NBA Jam Glass mug. There’s around a day left. Check out the auction!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Star Fox Super Weekend Flight Jacket – Pretty decent starting price considering the last one I kept track of sold for $300, which was also a bargain. I’m not sure what size the jacket is so if you’re interested you might want to email him first about that.
10 New In Box NES Nintendo Brand Cases – 10% of the final sale price will support U.S. Fund for UNICEF. The best part about these cases is that they are official and have the Nintendo Seal of Approval.
Nintendo 3DS Jackets & Shirt Lot – For $0.99 this auction is literally up for grabs. The clothing are exclusive 3DS gear that was worn by the Nintendo Street Teams on the launch of the 3DS. Seller says you can’t find this anywhere and were specifically made for the Nintendo staff only. Don’t pass this one up!
Club Nintendo Sound Selection – Club Nintendo Japan always come out with some of the coolest items. These are sound selections for Peach, Koopa and Luigi. The auction is for all 3 CD’s.
Duke Nukem 3D – Sealed box Signed by the Levelord – Levelord is a video game designer who created levels for Duke Nukem 3D(hence the nickname “Levelord”). Quite an amazing piece especially for Duke Nukem fans. Levelord left 3D Realms to open up his own company which we all know by the name of “Ritual Entertainment”.
Myriad Six In One Nes – This is always a hot item, however, the prices for these carts have been going down a little. But the current auction shows that there is plenty of interest left. Only 888 Myriad Six in One were ever made.
InFamous 2 Hero Edition Life size Sling Backpack – One of the coolest items that video game companies can make are clothing related to the main character in a game. This Infamous 2 Sling Backpack is brand new.
L-Zone PC Game Boxed Sealed – This game is quite rare to find complete, but this one is “sealed”. Seller ships world wide.
DONKEY KONG JR. MATH Complete – Another game that’s hard to find complete, and this ones in excellent shape! Just check out the bid so far.
NIV Bible & the Twenty Lost Levels of Joshua – “This listing is for the single rarest video game available for the Nintendo Game Boy. The NIV Bible & the Twenty Lost Levels of Joshua is made by Wisdom Tree. This listing includes the game as well as the original instruction manual. This has been tested and works 100% and is 100% authentic.” On top of it all, he’s thrown in a bunch of other bible games. Check out the price so far.

Good Luck!

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NBA Jam 1994 Glass Mug, DK Jr. Math Complete and More

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