Little Samson Demo Cart, RE Helmet Key, Mega Man E-Tank and More

Here at VGA, we tend to show a lot of video game auctions for games that were never released outside of Japan. It’s really mind boggling why some of them were never able to make it over here such as Policenauts. This was a cinematic adventure game, a style of gaming that was very popular back during it’s release in 1994. This style of gaming is one of my favorites because you really are involved with the game on so many levels. Policenauts is a point-click/action game where you have the best of both worlds. For those who never heard of it, click here. Basically the game is about a detective who travels to space colonies to investigate the circumstances around the murder of his ex-wife, and the disappearance of her husband. If you’re into sci-fi this is your game! Supposedly in 2009 an unofficial English translation patch was released on the net. The cool thing about that was done to honor Hideo Kojima’s 46th birthday!

Well, the game is pretty easy to find. But, the same can’t be said about these next auctions. Seller g.land_neo has the Complete Policenauts Trading Cards on auction. Ever tried collecting trading cards from Japan? Save yourself a big headache buying the single packs when the seller did all the work for you. He also has Policenauts Limited Edition for the Panasonic 3DO. They are quite expensive but the seller has a best-offer.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Little Samson Taito NES Demo – The official version of this game goes for a lot on eBay so I wonder how much this demo cart will end for. The seller says “this is the NFR version of Little Samson, one of the rarest and most highly sought-after NES games”.He also says he found this cart at a flea market back in 2005. Why can’t I find this stuff at my local flea market :(.
Resident Evil Promo Mansion Key Helmet – This is for the helmet key found in the original release of the game. Nice collectors item and very rare! This key is part of a 4 piece set that was given out at the Tokyo game show in 1996. Check it out! Thanks **César!
Original Nintendo SNES “Donkey Kong Country” BIG Promo – Well, it seems like the eBay rule is in effect now. Every time a rare item pops up on eBay, we see collectors come to eBay and list the same item days or weeks after the first auction finishes. We see this with the Donkey Kong Country standee. I forgot who predicted it, but they are dead on! GREAT price(for now)!
Mega Man E-Tank Plush – The only time I’ve seen this plush was over at It’s a real nice MM item and it’s on regular auction. The plush is actually bigger than I thought! Thanks **Tutosh!
Mega Man E-Tank Mug – This auction is from the same seller as the E-Tank plush. The mug is from Japan and official. Thanks **Tutosh!
Kid Icarus Uprising Poster E3 2011 – It’s about time Kid Icarus is coming out with a game. I absolutely love this poster! It’s very sharp and they couldn’t have done a better job creating it. I don’t think the wife would have a problem with you hanging this one up :).
Jeremy Klein Super Mario Skateboard Deck – Any skateboarders out there will know who Jeremy Klein is. This is a neat auction where the seller stats that the art is an “almost exact replication of the original Jeremy Klein deck from 1991. Graphics are screened the old fashion way by hand and limited to a production of 100. Trying to stay as close to the original these decks are constructed with the original size, shape, and truck hole patterns.” Buy-it-now for $199. I love Mario with his hat backwards! Thanks **Jesse!
Konami E3 2003 “Metal Gear Soild 3” signed by Hideo – This is the E3 press kit for Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake eater. It’s signed by the man himself back in 2003. As I can see, it’s complete and even has the cut-out MGS machines! If this ends for the current price it would be a steal!

Good luck!

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  1. WOW! Thanks for showing the Donkey Kong Country standee and the Metal Gear Twin Snakes press pack. They were listed so awkwardly that they haven’t shown up in my searches 🙁 Well, hopefully that DK display will go cheap. It’s pretty beat up, but you can’t beat the price 🙂

Little Samson Demo Cart, RE Helmet Key, Mega Man E-Tank and More

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