Gabriel Knight PC, Red Sony Ps2, Final Fantasy VII Pc Standee

Good morning VGA readers, I have some goodies for you today. I’m revealing my watch list because I want you guys to have a glimpse of some of the goodies being listed. So let’s dive into it:

First auction is for a Final Fantasy VII PC Standee. It’s in decent shape given the few bumps and bends here and there but this never shows up on eBay (I find myself saying that a lot these days), but this standee really doesn’t. If you do your Final Fantasy VII searches you’ll know that the PC version goes for a high price. Not too high, about $50+ but you’ll always have people buying it. The standee is just so cool and I don’t find myself saying this often but for $600 starting price I’d bid on it but I’m just nuts like that. To put a value on this… hmmm… maybe between $300-$500.

Second auction is for a Red Playstation 2 Console. I’ve featured this before and if I remember correctly without cheating and looking in the past this was given out to employees and media personnel. However I find that a little unconvincing because the seller states 666 were made; that’s a lot of employees and media personnel to give to. In Japan the red ps2 was sold to the public. So if anyone can give us more information we’d appreciate it.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Castlevania X SNES – I’m listing this because there’s one going on auction for $4 less but it doesn’t have a box, et this one does and no one’s bidding? I don’t get it…

Nice looking NES Lot – When I first spotted this auction it was $39.99 or Buy it Now for $49.99 and I thought “Wow what a deal, and there’s Lolo 2, for sure someones going to buy it now”, and nope, someone actually bid $39.99 to save $10. If it were me I would have bought it immediately. You have great titles and even if you price each one at $10 a piece you still win. I’m going to see if it goes over $49.99 on auction, should be interesting.

SNES With all the Mega Mans – Yup that includes X, X2, X3, and 7. Auction’s at $132 bucks for far.

Gabriel Knight PC Sealed – Wow this is so 1996. I remember seeing these on the shelves at the time. Never interested me since I was more into the King’s Quest, Space Quest themes then the mystery ones. Still a great game according to reviews.

Wild Guns – What a fun game and the cart only is fetching for $40. Have you played Cabal for the NES? It’s like that but action packed and Western style.

Super Mario 3 3-D Brochure – Ya sure this is pretty cool, definitely something a Mario collector will double look at, but when they see the price they’ll just move along.

E3 2011 Sonic Generations 20TH Signed – Signed by Sonic creator Yuji Naka.

Japanese Zelda Majora’s Mask Poster – At first I said “Geesh that’s expensive” but then I remember seeing this on Yahoo Japan for the same price. If you’re familiar with YAJ, just search for Zelda posters but keep the search consistent because it doesn’t show up with a good price too often.

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  1. I love that Final Fantasy VII Standee, it actually had a much larger starting price (I’ve been watching it since it was listed) He was wanting $1,200 for it before, now it’s twice as less. If it would be twice as less as it is now, it would be worth it 🙂

Gabriel Knight PC, Red Sony Ps2, Final Fantasy VII Pc Standee

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