Bubble Bobble Part 2 Sealed, Sengoku 3 Neo Geo, Last Atari Press Kit

Good morning VGA readers, it’s really sunny where I am and the upcoming week is going to be crazy busy for me so I wanted to end the current week with some rare games. So let’s go:

First auction is for an impressive Bubble Bobble Part 2 Sealed. Just take a look at the price and you know you’re watching among the high end of gamers bidding on this. A Bubble Bobble 2 Sealed puts Stadium Events in it’s place. If it was simply based on how often these sealed games show up Bubble Bobble Part 2 would take the title. It’s in the same ball park as Little Samson for sealed games. Both are amazing titles and super fun. The collector who’s going to win this is one that probably has a secret library full of amazing gaming collectibles hidden behind a moving fireplace that is button activated.

The second auction is for Sengoku 3 for the Neo Geo. Neo Geo is really a home arcade more then anything. The cartridges are huge like the ones you put in an arcade(not really but still massively big). This title is just so much fun take a look here plus it’s the US version. If I remember, there’s a Korean gamer who has the ENTIRE Neo Geo library of games in his house. While he’s showing off his collection he starts dancing weird or something like that in front of the camera. I’ll ask Riku if he can post that video here.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Gears of War promo/rare swag lot – If you’re a Gears of War fan there’s a lot of goodies in this lot and it’s quite cheap. Does have a Buy it Now price but it’s too much if you ask me.

Zelda Ocarina of Time in 3D Promo Display – Want to invest in a display? Then do it with this one. For sure it will demand a higher price in years to come because first it’s Zelda, and a nice one of Ocarina of Time. Even though it’s a remake the quality of the poster will add to the value. Very nice piece. Now if they happen to pop up left right and center in the next few months then it might affect the price but still if not for investment purposes do it for the sheer purpose of having this awesomeness in your game room.

Mario Paint Nintendo Display Sign – This seller must have found a box full of these tags. He’s got some cool SNES titles. Wonder if he has more?

Just Dance 2 Original Brand New Standee – Akira has been bugging me to keep an eye on one of these for his room and now it’s surfaced. The battle of the Standee begins, Joseph vs Akira, FIGHT!

Autographed Halo 3 – It’s Halo 3 ODSt autographed by the entire development team. Wasn’t a big fan of ODST but if you are this if your chance to get the dev autographs.

Dragon Warrior IV – Pretty rare title alone and it’s sealed. Demanding big bucks. It’s the rarest sealed or not sealed of the Dragon Warriors.

Last Atari Press Kit Made – There is no way to find out if this is really the “last” press kit made by Atari but I still think it’s sounds cool. If it is the last one made it’s in the same ball park as the “Last Dinosaur on Earth” sort of thing.

Original 1981 Donkey Kong Arcade – Only $400 bucks this would be a great classic in any game room. Too bad they’re so darn expensive to ship.

SIGNED Raynor Noobz Blizzcon 2009 – First time seeing this signed. Wonder if it was deliberate or if a fan got it signed. Still cool idea.

Neo Geo Aes Mark of the Wolves – I put this up on VGA a few months back. Wonder if it’s the same copy.

3 Copies of Earthbound – Re-sellers rejoice! 3 copies of Earthbound at your disposal. However there is a reserve price so that’s a little buzz kill.

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  1. The guy gets a 323 combo in the video clip! That’s insane, and watching that makes me want to get an actual MVS Neo Geo Arcade. There’s a guy selling it where I live asking for $1000. It’s a 4 slot so you can stack up 4 amazing titles and overall the cabinet is in great shape. Hmmm…

  2. oh my…. I should contact my friend who own a gamestore to send me all of his old standees…. those could fetch some money 😀

    also got a lot of mint God of War posters from him, and an original FF8 poster

  3. Did somebody say standees? I want em’!! Seriously, does this friend have allot of old standees? How much does he want for them?

  4. Well, I know he has some old Zelda and other retro standees in the back, from the time he started out (about 10 years ago)

    I’ll ask around

  5. Well that depends on what he has and if he’s willing to sell it. But check out what he has, and if he’s interested in letting anything go. Maybe post it in the forums? Thanks Elle

Bubble Bobble Part 2 Sealed, Sengoku 3 Neo Geo, Last Atari Press Kit

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