Nintendo Destiny Game,Forza Motorsport 3 Shoes,Virtual Bowling JP

No post yesterday means big post today!There’s a bunch of great video game auctions currently running and I’m sure you’ll find something in this post that will interest you.

One of the most unique items I find are items made by Nintendo before they entered into the video game industry such as this Nintendo Destiny Board Game from 1969. I actually have some friends who are big collectors of anything pre-NES made by Nintendo. There’s always that famous Nintendo “Love Test” game that most collectors have seen, and then there are rare games such as the board game mentioned above. Now I was curious to know more about this board game so I emailed the seller. By permission I was allowed to post his response on VGA:

“It is basically a clone of The Game of Life.The Game of Life was released by Milton Bradley in 1960, and eventually brought to Japan in 1968.The next year, Nintendo released “Unmei Game” (or “The Game of Destiny) to rival the success MB’s game.The game of Life is still very popular in Japan, while The Game of Destiny remains a relic of Nintendo’s adventure into the board game and toy business.This item is 100% complete and in great shape. It is very difficult to find one with everything intact and virtually unused (they are usually missing all sorts of pieces).This is probably one of the best examples of the game outside of the Nintendo Museum in Osaka, Japan.”

Nintendo Destiny Board Game

This item represents a nice piece of Nintendo’s product history, and for the current price the board games at it’s a steal!Shipping to North America is not too much. – Thanks **Jordan!

Also, seller sieglertx has for auction a Max Payne 2 Promotional Pin Set. This game was was awesome when it first came out and I remember playing the original Max Payne on Xbox and thought that this game definitely needed a part 2. You see, most of you might look at Max Payne in a different light because of the movie that came out, but this game was the first of it’s kind when it hit Xbox and I remember trying to find a copy near my area was hard. The starting bid is only $9.99, and I never seen this item before. It comes with a nice presentation box and you get 5 pins. The pins were given out back in 2003. Bid! – Thanks **Joe!

Other Video Game Auctions:

PUMA Speed Cat Forza Motorsport 3 Limited Edition Shoes – This is a Limited Edition Puma Speed Cat 2.9 FM3 sneakers made to promote the 2009 XBox game Forza Motorsports 3. The size is 11.5 US. Seller says: “The shoes are listed on box as “Cool Gray/Puma Red” and have the Forza Motorsports logo on the tongue and Puma cat on the heel and on the side of the tread.”
The seller also states that these were only given out in the UK and only 324 pairs were made for retail. He even gives links in his auction to confirm the details. The auction has a great price tag considering how rare these shoes are.
Nintendo Cereal Box Lot of Pac Man, Donkey Kong & Super Mario – I haven’t seen all three video game cereal boxes for sale on auction before. Seller says:”It’s the “Triforce” of collectible cereal boxes! :)These boxes are very hard to find! I believe they are the only ones on Ebay right now.The boxes have been flattened for shipping, but they are complete and can easily be re-folded to their cereal box shapes.All 3 are in excellent condition.Would make a great addition to any video game collection”
E3 2011 Minecraft Cardboard Head – “I am selling an extremely rare Minecraft cardboard head from E3 2011. Only 50 were given out as a special promotion and this one is in flawless condition. This is a perfect item for the upcoming Comic-Con, so act fast.” There’s also another one on eBay that’s signed, but it’s obviously more expensive. Still, I love the 8-bit pixel design on the box!
Felix the Cat Game Boy Game Sealed – This game is flawless and I had to add this to the list since we’ve been on a role here at VGA showcasing rare sealed games. Check out the price of this one!
Duke Nukem 3d Limited Edition Swat Version – This is the chase figure for the set. The seller says only 15000 of these were made. There’s one bidder so far.
Extremely Rare Virtual Bowling for Nintendo Virtual Boy – we featured a Virtual Bowling JP game before, but this one has surpassed the last one in price. Check out how much this is going for.The reason why this game is rare is because it was one of the last two games released for the console back in 1995. Also, it was for Nintendo’s “failed” Virtual boy. Many VB collectors say this is the holy grail of Virtual Boy games.
Sylvania/GTE Intellivision console with box – Seller says:”I have a very rare Sylvania branded Intellivision console. This probably my favorite variant on the original system. It’s thought that these were given away with the purchase of higher end GTE TV’s back in the early 80’s. The back of the back has a very detailed description of the never released computer adapter. Another cool detail of this system is the retractable power cord storage as seen in the third picture. Both the box and console are in very good/excellent condition. This is rated an R8/10 on the Digital Press Collectors Guide and is as rare as the Bandai version I am also selling.”
WETA Limited Warcraft Orc Rider Statue – Seller says:”Limited Edition exclusive Warcraft Orc Rider statue; only 2986 of its kind made. Weighing over 20 lbs, this heavy resin figure was commissioned by Blizzard Entertainment and created by WETA sculptors Eden Small and Daniel Cockersell. Almost 2 ft. tall at the highest point, this item is finished to accurately mimic the 12 ft. bronze statue that stands outside of Blizzard’s Irvine offices, which was also created by the WETA Workshop.This item is from the ’employee only’ production batch, and not an imitation or reprint. It is also in perfect condition, having been safely on display since the time it was given to me. While I would prefer to keep the actual serial number private until after the purchase, it is well above 2000 for anyone waiting for a ‘low numbered’ item”.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Exclusive GameStop Poster – This has got to be one of the nicest posters that MW series has. It’s a double sided limited edition poster with one side having the popular “Times” picture and the other side has a solider holding a gun. One bid so far.
Last week VGA featured a seller who was letting go of his Little Samson and Bubble Bobble sealed games. Now he has listed more titles such as Battletoads/Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, a rare Power Blade 2, and plenty more all which are sealed and in great condition. Click here to see sealed game inventory.

Good luck!

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  1. 😆 Loves his Minecraft, eh? Well, Minecraft was my favorite “game” of 2010. One of the best games of all time already, and it’s definitely “THE” best indie game. But that’s just my opinion 🙂

Nintendo Destiny Game,Forza Motorsport 3 Shoes,Virtual Bowling JP

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