Peter Molyneux E3 Card, Star Tropics Display, Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Good morning VGA readers I have some great auctions for you today. Some are priced really high but it’s nice to see they’re available. So get your watch list ready and possibly take a look at your budget because some of this stuff is really cool and worth bidding on:

First auction is for a Star Topics NES Display. I am listing this first because it’s super rare. Star Tropics was made by Nintendo of America so it was exclusive to N.A. There was no promotional items and displays were even limited to certain stores. The only other thing they had was a T.V commercial which I remember and you can watch here. I personally loved this game. It was rich and had a great story line. There are people who don’t like it and put the blame on the fact it was American made. People have their opinion and it’s fine but it was a great game and I’ve been looking forever for an original Store Display and it’s showed up, however it’s really expensive and way out of my budget. So maybe one day I’ll find an affordable one.

The second auction is for a Peter Molyneux E3 Badge Signed. For those who don’t know he’s the creator behind Fable. Great auction, genuine autograph BUT there is something fishy with the description. Let me explain, first I read the description, and I figure, “Hey, cool, 100% of the proceeds are going to Child’s Play, how nice of the guy”. Then I thought, well if he’s making this a charity auction why not make it a full charity auction meaning select the option when listing that it’s a charity auction so eBay adds the description of it being a charity(which makes it a genuine charity auction, sort of like a seal), but instead he didn’t do that and just adds it in the description. Then I take a look at his feedback rating and it’s probably the lowest one I’ve ever seen. I don’t judge the guy, but with that many negative feedback’s and not having eBay seal the auction as a charity one would think if he’ll actually donate. Now people can do what they want with their sales. All I’m saying is if you’re going to give to charity then do it, don’t just say it for the purpose of spiking the auction price and not doing it. I don’t know if that’s the intention but no way to know. Again it’s his business if he’s donating or not but it’s like going from door to door collecting money and then not giving it to the cause. This is speculation of course, I’m not saying this is the case or pointing fingers, just clearly stating facts. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject matter. Maybe I’m over analyzing the situation.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Panzer Dragoon Saga – Great price for a great game. Still on auction so price may increase.

Banjo Kazooie Plush Set – Great set from 1998, but a little too pricey. Don’t know if there’s more, but I am pretty certain that there was only 2, Banjo and Mumbo.

inFamous 2 Press Kit – Didn’t play this game but has it’s own followers. This press kit is already passed $200. Seller is in the U.K. If you live in Canada you’ll need to ship it other then normal postal service since there’s a strike here.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Lithograph N64 – Nothing majorly rare but it’s $10 and at this price it’s worth it.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math – Rare NES game of course. This one is boxed and comes with the booklet.

Rare BioShock 2 Limited Ed. Signed – I liked this design for the Bioshock 2 lithos. It’s on auction and it’s at $2.54.

Nintendo Powerfest 94 Hat – Powerfest 94 hat in great shape. This looks like a stock photo so I would ask the seller if it’s the real one.

Nintendo World Championships NWC Stuff NES 1990 N.W.C. – Nice lot of NWC collectibles. A semifinal hat, now that is cool and it’s in great condition too. Low bids so far.

Yohi’s Island Display – Nice 3d display from the same seller of the Star Tropics display.

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  1. OMG! I remember Star Tropics! 😀

    Banjo/Kazooie and Mumbo were the only ones in the set. VERY pricey….I still have mine…and no, that’s not mine on Ebay. 😛

  2. Yeah the Star Tropics display is really cool, it’s just too much. If I submit an offer I don’t want to insult the seller.

    Good that’s what I thought there were only two in the set. Geesh David what else are you hiding from us? 😛

  3. I wasn’t hiding them, the subject just never came up…hehehe

    *Puts the solid gold Triforce away*

    Kidding!! HAHAHA!! 😛

  4. It’s actually a violation of eBay TOS to say proceeds are going to charity unless you can verify the charity with eBay. The listing could get pulled for that. IDK if you guys remember a few months ago when a guy pulled a gun on a school board of education and then a woman beat the gunman with her purse. She put the purse up on eBay for charity but got her listing pulled because eBay couldn’t verify the charity donation. It was a high profile auction at the time.

  5. What’s even worse, is I think some shill bidding is going on :/ Seriously, a brand new, 0 feedback member put in a bid for $10,000!?!? Then cancels it? Well, that same member is still the high bidder. Definitely something fishy going on.

  6. Ah Ha! My instincts were smelling something fishy. Good point Alex and I didn’t know it’s a violation unless you go through eBay for a charity. Let’s wait and see…

  7. Man that’s intense Alex. I didn’t know of the auction, but I did read about that incident. I also didn’t know it was a violation if you didn’t go through eBay’s Charity list. So many sellers do this and I wondered why there’s a loop hole in the eBay system.

Peter Molyneux E3 Card, Star Tropics Display, Donkey Kong Jr. Math

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