Flashback 3DO, Chrono Trigger Ost Signed, Atari Kiosk

Good morning VGA readers, it’s a nice, warm summer day and I can’t ask for anything more. Today’s auctions are diverse, odd, and of course submitted by VGA fans. So I want to thank Joe and Arlene for submitting their auctions.

First auction is for Flashback on the 3DO. It’s not extremely rare but it was limited in production for sure since it’s the 3DO version. Panasonic 3DO had quality games in my opinion and Flashback was one of them. Amongst the other great titles Flashback was released on(in no order) the Amiga, SNES, Sega CD, PC, and 3DO. All versions played similar but the 3DO had superior sound quality to those before, check out the Sega CD Theme here, it’s close to the 3DO sound. The game itself is just a lot of fun. If you liked Flashback you’ll also like title such as “Out of this World” and “Black Thorne”. So back to the auction, the 3DO version doesn’t appear a lot on eBay, well not now at least. It’s currently at $69.99. Well worth the price in my opinion.

Second auction is for a Final Fantasy VII Digicube Soundtrack Signed by Uematsu. The auction has ended with no bids probably because no one has $1000 under their mattress but regardless it’s a great piece of signed merchandise to have. Not only is the soundtrack awesome, but it’s arguably one of the greatest RPGs ever made and to have Uematsu who produced all the tracks sign it is “Out of this World” heh. When I say the Digicube version it’s the sister company of Squaresoft who was responsible for all the original merchandise we see today. All the original Final Fantasy stuff was made by Digicube. Shortly after, and sad to say, they went bankrupt. They actually went bankrupt during the production of the Final Fantasy VII Music Box (Aeris’ Theme). If you don’t see Squaresoft(not Square-enix) or Digicube then it’s either a bootleg or the Square-enix re-released version. Maybe the seller will re-list it?

Other Video Game Auctions:

Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Legend of Mana Soundtracks – The Chrono Trigger is signed by Uematsu even though Mitsuda produced the tracks but Uematsu is responsible for 10 of the tracks. Nice auction.

Sega Genesis & Game Gear with 171 Games – Decent lot, don’t know if it’s $500 in value but that many games I’d sure think so.

Super 3D Noah’s Ark SNES – Rare title and it’s cheap on auction… well if you think $75 is cheap.

Sega CD Popful Mail – Great title, one of the rarer titles on Sega Cd. Soundtrack is fun and vibrant. This one is in excellent shape and currently at $69.99.

New Rift Collector’s Edition Signed – Signed by the entire Developer Team. Opened but new.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood harlequinn in a Box – More in this auction. Just love the jack in the box aspect.

Final Fantasy IV Magus Sisters Master Creatures – I have to admit I have no idea why this is selling for that price. It’s not that rare. Sure it doesn’t show up but my gosh.

Atari Pop-1A Store Display Kiosk with 40 + Games in Box – Wow nice but darn expensive. Could buy a house with that cash. New in box and never displayed, comes with 40 games. Original Atari Kiosk, doubt you’ll ever see this again.

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Flashback 3DO, Chrono Trigger Ost Signed, Atari Kiosk

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